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Happy Birthday Tamara! Wishing you a wonderful day!
Love this new site! haven't had time to check the whole thing out cuz it would require a cup of coffee sit down thang.Love love love u!
Having been in love with Tamara Podemski for as long as I can remember; was delighted to have found myself at the 6:25 showing of "The Lesser Blessed" at the downtown Toronto Cineplex Odeon earlier today; and afterward, was inspired to make the following comment: Anita Doron, has slyly adapted to the screen Richard Van Camp’s moving tale of a damaged Dogrib Dene teenager’s dark trials of the soul, in a small community in the North West Territories. Director Doron, apparently through shear charm & modesty, has inspired a brilliant ensemble cast to step up and immerse themselves in Van Camp’s compelling characters; transforming the most cynical & psychically isolated urban filmgoer into a concerned family member. Enough good things can’t be said about the actors riveting performances; however, the author’s wonderful stories within stories and the exceptional cinematography collectively uplift the movie to true tribal spiritual poetry. Unlike so many trite attempts to capture contemporary teen angst these days, the predominantly young & inexperienced cast breathe credible life & literal fire into this small town drama. The two professional actors in the group, Tamara Podemski & Benjamin Bratt, ground the movie with masterful work; as, the young Larry’s mother & step-father wanna-be, struggling to reach out to the floundering young man, while wrestling with their own demons. “The Lesser Blessed” should establish itself as one more award-winning triumph by Canadian artists & filmmakers, proving without a doubt; that yes, it is possible to create movies that matter, for less than $200 million Hollywood megabucks.
Hi Tamara, love your work and your songs....Keep up the great work!!
I just wanted to let you know that I've been following your music for many years. I had a mixed CD that had a few of your songs on it several years ago. That CD became my escape while dealing with the death of my grampa who I was very close to and a divorce. Listening to your voice and music soothed me when I felt like I couldn't handle the jagged edges of life.
Hello Miss Podemski! I wanted to thank you for being such an inspiration to me. I am part Ojibwe myself and a singer as well. Thank you for what you do! You are amazing :)
where can i find a track of the song you sang at the end of the one episode of '"the rez""? the scene in the bar?
AWESOME Sounds . .
Happy Birthday Tamara!! I hope wherever you are today and whatever you're doing, you have a great day doing it!
Dear Ms. Podemski, Respectfully, I want to thank you for sharing your gift with the world. For me, music expresses what cannot be said; music transcends language. Music is very powerful medicine, it can caress the soul, uplift, inspire and open our hearts to freedom of infinite possibilities, healing and inner-peace. I thank your for " inspiring ". Namaste, Elisa D. Mayfield
Strider from Gallup Public Radio in New Mexico. I interviewed you a couple years at Gathering of Nations. Keep up the good work.
Hello Miss Podemski, please keep up the great work.Your are one amazing lady.Thanks Greg Turney from Burridge, Ontario.
Where can you find lyrics for Spirit Voices? Big fan!
Great Voice, have you ever thought or been approached by any of the Native owned Casino's in America to perform at their entertainment venue's
Question, have you been approached by any of the Native owned and run casino's in America to perform? You have a lovely voice.
Happy Birthday Tamara! Another year has hard to believe that time has gone by so quickly. Hope you have a wonderful day!
You should but your ringtones on
Tamara, you have wonderful music me and my family fell in love with your music the first time we heard it and i hope you have more to come :)
I remember the day you came to us to Großhansdorf some years ago! I think it was a good experience. And actually, i still have your business card ;-)
I bought the Spirit Voices album shortly after it's relase in 2003. I've absolutely loved it ever since to the point that when it got stolen about a year ago I cried. In my search to replace it I did find a copy (yay!) and your site here. I wanted to tell you that your music has blessed me and helped me in my life's journey. Thank you very much. PS - Any chance you might come back to North Vancouver BC CA any time soon??? I would love to see one of your shows. PSS - I would love to see more of the song lyrics in Ojibway along with the English translations as I like to sing along with the music and would like to know what the words are and what they mean.
Happy Birthday Tamara!! Hope you have a great day!!
as a native of the land your music has more the just inspire me to always go Apache of the desert people the wind is a powerful foce.of which am am born of the land ,share this land.but be at peace with one as i say ya teaa!! 'hello'
Love your music. I want to carry your cd;s in my all native gift store in St Jacobs again. Please contact me.
I heard a cut from "Winter Moons" and googled the group and the song, as I noticed the Hebrew passages. I was quite intrigued. I now own several Spirit Nation CDs and love the music, and I am in my mid 60's so I can attest to the transendental character of the music. Thank you so much for your part in it.
Hey Tamara! Your music is wonderful. Can't wait to see you at your next gig. Hugs, dani
Hey Tamara, great to see you have a new website up and running. I've missed seeing you around Ontario. Hope all is going well with you. I have you on my Facebook and your movie Four Sheets to the Wind was an awesome movie. Can't wait to see what new projects you have next. Peace and prosperity.
Welcome back Tamara!! We've missed you!!
My wife Flying Dove and I had your CD Spirit Voices and enjjoyed it very much. We lost our home to a fire in Dec. 2008 and lost everything. We have been trying to find another copy of it but have not. We now live at 3104 Ivy Ave SW, Huntsville, Al 35805. If you can let me know how I can get a copy please do so. Thank you for your time and may the Creator walk with you in your jorney.
thank you for the music
Nice site
like your style.
I want to Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn more about you and the work you do. I am honoured to do my presentation about you and your work...Thank you so very much
I love your songs, they really bring me back to my roots ^_^ thank you so much for sharing your beautiful voice with us...and great singing at G.O.N. 2010!!
Love your voice and songs! Love you Spirit child.
Yeeeeeaaaaah! You're my idol! Amazing! I cried when I heard "she knows better". Would you sign my t-shirt?
I really enjoyed your performance tonight during Miss Indian World. I so enjoyed your lyrics and music. Many blessings upon you and all that you do. Keep up the wonderful music, you're very inspirational.
You have such a beautiful voice, thanks so much for sharing it with the rest of us!
Tamara!!! Thank you! Your songs are wonderful and powerful, like I have got to know you. I´ve once won a CD, when you were singing at my school and it has become one of my favorites! "Peace & Love! <3" back!
I have been listening to your music for a few years and I love it. Your talent is untouchable!!
Hi Tamara~ Thank you for your powerful performance in "The Edward Curtis Project" which I witnessed today (1/31/10). As I watched this play unfold I reflected on the frustration I've felt over the years that I have worked with so many of my Aboriginal relatives...frustration that the larger community in which we live doesn't 'get' what is really going on with our people. I felt that Marie's writing addressed this issue in an impactful way; I do hope that this work is presented in larger venues and to a wider audience. I am currently working with "The Street Sisters" film project,, which you may find interesting. ...And I like your music too:) Thanks again for your work. Blessings, Susan
just saw Ed Curtis Project-- you were magnificent in it. the images, complexity and depth of experience will stay with me for a long time. thank you. thank you for doing what you do.
You rock girl. Tamara keep up the great work, and be safe with all thats going on in the world. Gord
Tamara, You are incredible! Talent, intelligence, strength, and beauty all rolled into one sexy package. Love ya and the work you do!
Happy New Year, Tamara. Good luck with your upcoming show in Vancouver!
I recognize the song and the music I can feel the meaning, I would like to verify if I am correct. I need the lyrics to Eternal Circle, Understanding, Innocence, Two Hearts, Giving Thanks, Healing Spirit, Women's round ( I have danced this one) and Earth Lullaby, from the Spirit Voices by Ceshia Anaquod from the Refections CD advertisement. I would really appreciate it. I actively started by "chanting"/meditating in 2000. Music can "envoke/manifest many things. I pray for positive change for all persons. LA TIERRA ES NUESTRAS ARCO DE IRIS
Happy Birthday Tamara!!
Happy Birthday 2 U, Tamara, we know each other from your gig at the Quartierszentrum in Constance. I still owe to you the photos, the first ones will follow this very day. Heartfelt congratulations Peter, still hoping for our MySpace friendship ;-)
Hope things are good, just was surf'en da web and ran into ya. Man..I'm gonna make it someday to Hollywood..smiles.
Chi meegwetch, Tamara! Meeting you in Hamburg in the Metropolis Cinema on Monday touched my heart and soul & still is very inspiring. Esp. your song Meegwetch & the music video - and the words we shared - keep coming to my mind, the song to my lips... Aaaand I've begun to learn Ojibwa now! Feels like having met a spirit friend & like meeting again! :-) Blessings. Still feeling connected, Ron
Nice film... I like natives and the music, one of my family's best friend is playing country music, his sister is married with a Cherokee. Greetings from Germany.
I enjoyed your concert tonight in Konstanz so much. Thank you for your music, for this great evening and for having come here.
Hi Tamara! Love the new webpage!
I love your music you have an awsome voice. I hope to see you in concert one day. many blessings.
It is such a pleasure to witness the achievements of a sister who has so much talent.Your music does inspire me as I do my artwork, Thank you.
Hi Tamara! Thank you for such amazing work! You were brilliant in BOTH as well as Palestine NM!! bravo! I reccomended you for a role in Diane Glancy's new play with Native Voices at the Autry. xox chris
Another new site!! You have done it again! I love seeing what's new on here! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
ooo new site. Simple and clean.Nice.
I love the new site sister! Im so excited to see what's coming next from you! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
I love your music. I use to have your self titled album but someone stole it from me, ay, typical native, dont wanna buy there own so they take someone elses. I am from the Omaha Tribe of Macy, Nebraska. My clan is The Thunder Clan. I love who I am, and I love to see that there are native american women out there who are know for there talents.
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U R my sunshine, U make me happy when skys are dee dum de da dum day..juz' checkin' out da' site. Tres cool what the peeps say, eh? Simply love you....
love your voice and music.I have the CD spirit voices, is there any more CDs I can buy.
Tamara, 'So Damn Beautiful' is so damn beautiful. It speaks too many of us! Great work!
Stand proud. Your day will come (and you look GOOD on red). I believe in you.
Tansi Tamara, I sent you an email from myspace but did not recieve a response from you. I want to do a feature on you and your music for our radio station here in Hobbema Alberta. I want to do an interview if possible and make a station Id.
I'm just finishing Eclipse in for the Stephanie Meyers Twilight series and when it came to the character of Emily, I immediately thought of you. You can rock that role. No one has been cast yet for the production of New Moon, but you should advocate for the part. I personally think they should cast an actual aboriginal woman!! :) Take care!!
Loved your performance, and your style!! Much love to you girl
Kia ora Tamara from Aotearoa NZ. I Love your music and do my kids. I'm a Maori Lakota woman and fashion designer. I love what you do, your spirit glows with the gifts you have. Much Love, Maakarita Snowflake X
Hi. I saw you on the Native Roots & Rhythms DVD. Cool performance. Never watched "Four Sheets to the Wind", but I'll check it out.
Hi. Good site.
Hi. Good site.
Hey cuz. It's Michael Anaquod, Bobby's son. Just googled Anaquod Ojibway and I found this. Nice to see you're around. Hi to your family!
to Tamara.with a half itallianand half native indian(apache) one would figure on That being an intresting mixx. it is.but your awesome music of 'winter moons' has me ....for lack of an accurate word s .FLOORED!!.great work Tamara.a higer has given you an awesome gift.
Greetings! and test of guestbook, coming up here to show love to the site.,
Thanks for all you do in helping me fulfill my dreams.,
I love this site so so so much :) Cool site!!,
Happy Birthday Tamara! Hope you're having a great day!!
Happy Birthday Tamara!! I hope you're having a great day and are able to do a bit of celebrating.
just wanted to let you know that lana morissette is having nish idol 5 on friday,october 24th 2008 @ the native canadian centre of toronto. the # is 416.964.9087 hope to see you there...
Hello, just wanted to let you know While I was in the East Coast I saw your picture in every corner of The National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C. HOW COOL WAS THAT! I thought thats our girl doing her thing!
Hi Tamara: I was just at the Starbucks I regularly frequent. I was reading the paper and a book beside you as you were being interviewed by a reporter of some kind. I learned she shares the same birthday as Leonard Cohen. I was attempting to read my book, however I was only half successful. I was only half successful because I was half listening to your story. I found listening to you tell your story very compelling for a variety of reasons. However, the main reason I feel compelled to write to you is to make a humble request of you. During your interview one thing you said was the following "Why shouldn't I be successful? Why shouldn't I dream big?" Your nomination at the Spirit awards did not happen by accident. It happened to keep you there. You're supposed to continue the journey. Please respect the good and the bad parts of the journey but please don't deter from your path. I really respect the fact you're chasing your dream. Please don't give up. I'm rooting for you. If you haven't read this book already please go and buy it. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. Feel free to keep me posted on your progress. Patrick
I sang your song "Standing Strong" about a month ago in Africa at W.A.R (women against rape) and they loved your song.
Your Spirit Voices CD is just so amazing! What a beautiful voice you have. I'm glad I found this page! I will definitely be watching for more of your work. Many blessings to you!!
aboslutely amazing. the songs are beautiful.
You sing such sweet songs. Will miss your music while the theater steals you away for now. Can't wait till you play LA again.
Dear tamara My brother and me meets you in konstanz in KI.KUZ. Your music and kultur are verry beautiful. We are comming back if you are comming back to konstanz. I´m never forget you aischa lock
My prayer for you is that you will see, before too long that there is no reason to join a church or to be a member of any church. So long as you are truly born of the Spirit, then you are a member of the family of the Living God & placed in His Kingdom. It’s a matter of growing & understanding that you can learn to be led by God’s Spirit in an organism rather than being part of an organization.
I was lucky enough to work there andeverytime you guys were on whether it was practicing or the actual show just touched my heart and gave me butterflies.
After a long daynightday, trains, planes, cellphone out of battery and no one to remember to pack my charger, no reception in the woods, and forgetting the calling card number, all i want to do is come home and be with your sweet music.
Thanks for your inspirational songs!
I have your "Spirit Voices" CD and I love it!! It just relaxes my spirit when I stressed or when I just need that extra burst. Thank you. I have the blood of two very strong cultures running through my viens-Native American (Blackfoot) and African American. My Native American spirit is very strong within me. I am very in tone with nature and respect nature. I home even reflex my Native background--it has earthy colors which I feel relexes also my spirit and state of mind. I beleive in healing of the spirit and respecting the sayings/traditions of my forefathers. Your music is an inspiration and it bares withness to you soul. Continue to inspire, expecially the youth for they are our future. Once again, thank you.
I like This site! Thanks!
Any new movies or TV shows in the works?
..your cd Spirit Voices was a gift to me from a friend..I have Objibway and Mohawk blood and the ancestors have been calling to me...your music has helped me connect to these ancestors that have been trying toi get my attention for so long so that in the end the prophecies may unravel as is foretold by the grandmothers and grandfathers that whisper events to come...I was wondering if the lyrics to the balance of the songs to that cd are available and if not is there any way i could get them?? i am particularly looking to understand the "Women's round" song though all are special...your are truly gifted...thank you...
aahnii my beautiful sister...kewl page....first time i seen u was on dance me outside...then at the skydom pow wow....and i still got your autographt in a frame...anyhow you take care and keep up the good work and your one awsome role model for our peoples and young ladies as myself i speak against gangs and started up redpower canada to support major protests throught out all our nations...take care and always meegwetch/sago.....pCe
You were awesome yesterday!!!
Well done as always Tamara! Keep up the good work, would love to see you perform in Toronto, but for now I guess it has to be on TV, good either way. Happy 2008 National Aboriginal Solidarity Day to all.
Watched your set on the APTN Yellowknife location for the Aboriginal Day festivities. Unfortunately, they only broadcast a couple of your songs, but as usual, you were terrific. Glad to hear that you're back home again!! We're happy to have you back with us Tamara!
Awesome show at the Westfest - schvitzing and all :-)
Just watched you on stage at Westfest. Thank you for the truly amazing songs you chose to sing.
I would like to purchase-crack in the floor-winter moons-and from the drum. I have tried several retailers in Stillwater and Tulsa OK but have been unsuccessful. If you know how i can purchase these cd's i would appreciate your help. Thank you. I have just purchased four sheets to the wind but have yet had time to view it-hopefully this weekend. I have not heard any of these cd's but i trully enjoy spirit voices so i don't believe i can go wrong with the above ones. If you can help me in this search please do. Tamara has a beautiful and gifted voice. Thanks for any help.
Hey Tamara and greetings from Winnipeg!
Loved Spirit Voices .lovely voice
Hope to see you at the Gathering of Nations 2008 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Will you be performing?
Nice Thank you site cool Thank you
Nice site!!! Thank Thank you Nice site cool !!!
Infinite Blessings to Tamara. Your Toronto fans love you and wish you the very best of everything. Thank you for sharing the beauty of your voice and heritage with us. Meegwetch is my favorite song and I liked learning about giving an offering to nature, it inspired me in a big way. Thank you. :)
Tamara, you are my Idol You came to my school a couple of weeks ago and when you started to sing with the drum, you made me cry. you are such a warm and giving person. And you stayed true to yourself, and I really admire that. You are amazing! you are a jewish native person, it can't get any better than that. Ever since you came to my school well........Will you sing at my BAt Mitzvah! please anyway I love you so much And I hope I get the honour of seeing you again
you came to my school(USDS) 2 weeks ago since then i can't stop listening to meegwetch on youtube, i love it. -Sarah Togman
Hi! How r u doing? When's the next cd coming out?
I luv the songs because they different and Fun to listen to.
Tamara I discovered you through Spirit Voices... you have an amazing talent, I love your album, and I enjoyed the fact that I learned more about Native culture through reading the lyrics and this website's notes. Simply fascinating and amazing! Thank you for opening my eyes and ears through your music. I wish you all the best through your journey.
Congrats on your nomination, Tamara. You're the best!! We love you. Love, The Lips
GOODLUCK, Your The Best...( i know its cheesy to say )...but rock dude.
Just wishing you the very best on your continued success. Such beauty and talent all wrapped up in one person. Good luck to you and enjoy!
Met Tamara after SPIRIT.I was hook after the first beautiful smile.I've been following her ever since.FOUR SHEETS is great! Good luck on Sat.
Good luck, Tamara. How thrilling to walk the red carpet with your dad! I'll be watching the Spirit award show for sure!!! I have the Four Sheets dvd and loved the film.
Hi Tamara, Congratutations on your nomination and the walk on the red carpet,got your email,wish I was there to watch you get it. Maybe one day. Thanks for the email. Keep it up girl. Vima
Had the great pleasure of seeing you perform was very moved and impressed. Beauty, talent and knowledge in such a small package is rare to find. Keep the Spirit Robin
Wow...great new picture Tamara! Keeping my fingers crossed for you at the upcoming awards ceremony.
Greetings Tamara, I was at the manito-ahbee fest...and i watched you sing your song, and thought you were just amazing, i too sang on stage with my drum group "eya hey nakoda" i think you are one very beautiful talented women, take care and god bless...your fan, Scott...
Tamara, I was driving to Toronto this weekend from Ottawa for a conference. I was looking forward to the time in the car as my head was spinning. With what you ask...well it was like you wrote the song "ignore" detailing it. Thanks so much. I have felt peace and perspective which is what I was needing. I haven't even looked at your website yet I was just for 2 days typing in parts of the song I remembered to see if it would come up. So glad I found it. Thanks Wendy Wendy
Hi Tamara, I enjoyed looking through your photos. It might interest you to know that I'll have Andrea Menard as my special celebrity guest this weekend, 2-16-08. I would like to join the many well wishers that have come before me to congratulate you on your many fine achievements. May our Great Spirit continue to shine his blessings upon your life and career. Albert R. Cata National Producer & Host Native American Radio Live Santa Fe Public Radio KSFR
loves your music very much it has helped me in many ways loves your voice it sounds as if you was in the past with the tribes.i am of the cherokee nation and the wolf clan
why dont you answer fans ? metallica first nation......good bye 4 ever ...sorry got no time for spreading roots.....
Good , very good SITE !!! THANK YOU FOR THIS site!! Nice job!Can I put you link on my site? ----------------------------- P.S AMARYL AMARYL
I sure love the album Spirit Voices and would like to have a copy of all they lyrics so I could sing along. This is for my own personal enjoyment, it would not be sold. I enjoy the lyrics in the Native American language. Sprit Voices is very relaxing to me. Thank you. Congratulations on your win. You are great.
hi tamara, this natalie (who likes to SCREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) i miss you a lot. Please send me a e-mail. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE don't forget me. from natalie p.s. i wont to see your "grown up" show but i can't.
Hi Tamara!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss you so so so so much!!!!!! Thanks for putting the picture of are dance class on your web sight! I am so so so so so happy for you! I hope you come back to Roland and Romaine to visit some time!!!!!!! miss you so so so so so so so much! Your dance student................ Rebecca!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hi tamara, i saw the picture from the hip hop dance, and I'm so happy that you posted it. from your dance student stephanie
Great performance in 'Four Sheets to the Wind'. Got to see it at Sundance and really liked the film and you were excellent. Did a short review at which is linked to the films IMDB page if anyone is interested in checking out the review. Anyway, congratulations on the Independent Spirit Awards Nomination, it is well-deserved. -Martin
dear tamara; love your work with "four sheets on the clothes line"! nice to see you rocking on with inspirational work. all the best with your creative ventures in the year of the rat. i am still busy working on a new proposal with "frontiers foundation"; as well as, a new draft of my feature film script. hope you enjoyed my "hunger of the heart" cd. meegwitch; uncle steve
All i can say is WOW. I am amazed. This is incredible work.
Congrats Tamara on your nomination! You've had an astonishing 2007!!! I only wish you more success in your career, life and loves in 2008. HAPPY NEW YEAR, honey!!!! :)
Hey Tamara! Received Four Sheets to the Wind as a gift and watched it Christmas night. Fantastic absolutely deserve that award nomination!!!
Hey Tamara...long time no see. Congratulations on everything. It's so good to hear about all the great news. Best of luck :)
Congratulations on your nomination and all your success! I'm looking forward to following your very exciting career. P.S. I went to see your film in Seattle this summer and was hoping you might have made the trip...i'll keep an eye out for you next time!
hi tamara ! i saw you in alot of magazines WOW OMG wish you good luck on everthing !! your a movie star !!
Congratulations on the nomination for best supporting actress!!! SPIRIT AWARDS! what an absolutley amazing, talented and most of all joyous woman you are! all the best!
Tamara, It was so nice to see you in San Fransisco at the AIFI Festival... I could tell it took you a second to remember me...That's okay, I look a lot different without the wig and all the furs, aye? Blessings to you for more fun stuff...
Hi, Tamara, Sorry I would have loved to be there for your flim opening but I've told a few friends to go check it out. Have fun. Good luck! KIM
What an inspiration you are daily, to all of us here at Wolf Creek Habitat. Thank you
rabbit fall looks very promising tamara .. may every thing u touch turn to gold sister ...peace from the rez .....3 months til the new metallica album drops cant wait....
Wow! I am amazed of how talented you are. I've just learned of you through 'Four Sheets' this past weekend from the Native American Rights Fund Art Contest in Colo. You're a very interesting talented lady. I'll be viewing more of your films and song! Keep up the great work! ~Tammy.
watched my dvd of Four Sheets. What a sad, tug at your heart movie! You all were just amazing in your roles. Tamara, I can see why you won at Sundance, You really made me feel for your character, and the family bonds with love were moving! Loved it and I'm glad I have it in my dvd collection. Great work , honey!
Hey Tamara...caught the opening episode of Rabbit Fall. Looks like it's going to be an interesting series. Looking forward to seeing you on the second episode next week (saw you on the highlights for the next show). BTW..ordered your DVD, just waiting for it to arrive.
I am getting your DVD! I am so excited to see this SunDance film of yours! Thinking good thoughts for you. Dani
SPIRIT NATION - WINTER MOONS Just gotta let people know it's a Fantastic cd. Spiritual, mystical, daunting music, vocals, production is top notch . A must have if you are a Tamara fan. LOVE IT, honey!
Great pic and article about you in the North York Post. I told my mom to frame it! Also, thanks for helping to make the corner we grew up on famous!!!
I watched your performance last night on the AMPCA....YOu were exclellent...I know you will be successful in all you do!!!!!I have watched you grow from and actress to an absolutely fabulous singer/songwriter..You make me proud to be an aboriginal..
Looking forward to talking to whomever in your organization about a upcoming show details when we talk I know you will love the concept its about uniting the music industry People like you will be the peace makers by bringing history and music to heal this world best wishes Kendal MacSweyn Talentplus
heyyy tamara i met you at manito ahbee .. u were at the music workshop .. i loved ur workshop.
just got home to the rez is l.a.? my big brather says hi!he is a big fan .....peace and good luck sister...
J e suis de la Guyane française, je sui venue à washington visiter le musée amérindien, et j'ai vu votre photo et un article dans le magazine INDIAN, je voulais vous féliciter pour votre talent et votre beauté . Peut être que je voudrais un jour vous inviter à un concert chez nous , vous méritez que l'on connaisse votre travail et le charme de votre voix et votre message.
Tamara! I was doing my usual headlines scan at work and a great big photo of you and Katrina Onstad's article, "Sundance Kid" was front & centre on Whooohooo!! Congratulations on each success and making the move to LA to chase your dreams, you inspire. Keep on blossoming... t
Hey Tamara! Happy Birthday!! Really wish I could make it to the city to see your film tomorrow night. Have a great time!!
Hey Girl! Was great seeing you again! Your hair looks awesome! I wrote an article in the Native Canadian about your interview at the NCCT I will let you know when it comes out. See you at the Imaginative opening! Peace:)
Yeah Tamara! Congrats on the FOX pick-up and I hope to see you Wednesday night for the "Four Sheets to the Wind" premier. Take care.
I bought your cd loved song stuck in my head women's this song.........wish you much success ...never forget we are one and the same no one person is any greater or lesser value.we are all the same....... Random thoughts....... Oh Great Spirit Heals us recover us once again. Oh Great Spirit take us on journeys once began... Haunted Spirits Haunted Journeys Haunted believe. Oh Great Spirit lift us once again from the dust Sacred grounds.. Heals us recover us once Again Dragon re entered the land. Eyes blazing fire Nostrils smelting fire Hot breath scorching fire. Traveling land consuming serpents many this day also chastise innocent. Hand from our Great Spirit rises from the fire slaying the dragon. In burning fire Great Spirit shows his face one same feather. Sacred ground I visit many shall never see. Many shall even disagree. Many shall leave trashy debris. I pack away man leaves even more trash for me. I pack not away tie in tall trees. Shall his eyes haunted open to the dirty way free. Rattling haunted sounds voice crying mother soft breeze. This family our left behind family tree. We fight for Peace run from brighter future our children are the dying people we. a.k.a. greyxwolfx Grave If my words spoke sights from things unclean. They would just spread rumors & lies things foreseen. Eyes being roadways to any Spirit seen.. Voices men seek are not from words spoken. Foundation rock we stand grows Spirit broken. We listen to the winds blowing. Yet we listen not to Spirit from plants or trees growing. Men are the animal only trophy with out meanings. Protect,understand,use lightly gracious beings. Looking out my back door looking in. I be no God only a Spirit within. Only blind shall lead the blind. Staying lost more faults we find. Faults I speak only for perfect hearted. There hearts are sad this journey they started. Every person having faults filled. Fountain youth putting back cups refilled. Do you have purpose in life only to take. One earth One life One Spirit One break.. Never to late until two in the grave..... What we take what we gave....... a.k.a.greyxwolfx the world is harsh we let it be...........hearts that bleed hearts that see........ when you have blue day.....cry my name as blue jay...... we shall fly away from theses troubles.....sometimes we forget we need ride ponies doubles........then looking through my eyes..we shall search biggest break in this cloudy sky........ SoundClick artist: greyxwolfx - Band page with free MP3 music downloads on SoundClick
I am sory not to see your movie,but i hoppe to see you again in israel in our home. sana tova and good luck
When I first herd your music and your beautiful voice I could hardly believe my ears, I played Spirit Voices over and over. It is still my favorite CD. Love you. Keep the music comming.
Hope you come back to New Mexico soon. Maybe the Gathering of Nations 2008. So how was your stay in Santa Fe? Please share that in your journal. Thanks
Your music is so beautiful thank you
Thank you Tamara you pick most great shots thank you for the plug. brake a leg
hooolllyyy girl, your film is the opening night special! box office only opens Oct.1, darnnit!have to wait two whole weeks!!the agony! :)
will you be in Miami any time soon..I would love to see you singing or you are welcome to come to my shop American Apothecary of Quailroost in Miami. I would love to have you here. We have alot of Spiritual followers
Caught your performance at Indian Market this month in Santa Fe - bought "Tamara" & Spirit Voices".The show was awesome - you and Karen make a great team. "Roundlake" is a great song, but "Standing Strong" sent chills down my spine. suggestion- some of the arrangements could be even better if you added violin and slide 12-string guitar to the mix. Ever come to Montana to perform - maybe Bozeman?
Thanks for e-mailing me about the cd. I love the TAMARA cd. Good luck in Hollywood...but somehow I think you won't need it with all that talent.
You were great in Santa Fe. Thank you for taking pictures with us and signing my c.d. I hope to see you soon in New Mexico again. Its true, its true! Remember that line? We had you saying it. Many blessings and prayers along your way.
Hey girl!!! It was so awesome listening to you perform in Santa Fe!! Thanks for the pics and the autograph.. Keep up the good work!!
Saw you in Santa Fe for the first time ever. Your performance was very moving. You song "Roundlake" brought tears to my eyes as I sat with my boyfriend and still does everytime I listen to it. Your voice is so beautiful that I brought your CD and just had to write you. The CD is just beautiful and enjoyable.
ABORIGINAL PEOPLES CHOICE MUSIC AWARDS. good luck! I voted for you. Fred
Hey Tamara, Congratulations on all your recent achievements. Good luck in L.A. Don't know if they are truely ready for you;) It's hard to believe that it's been so long since we danced together. Maybe we'll get another chance in the future. Jonas
Wonderful meeting you. Doug
hi tamra its kerri the on that you seen at summer games and i was the on who was chering on ivanna ill talk to you after g2g
Hi Tamara, just dropping in to say hello. Take care!!! Ramona
Hi Tamara: The Rez was such a wonderful show. You were all great. Good luck in everything you do. I hope you are able to pay a visit to Moose TV!!! Best wishes always Shelagh
Hey Tamara! Heard your "So Damn Beautiful" song on AVR, it's wicked! I bought it off iTunes...I would love it if you could sing that song in my show next year (I want to choreograph to it)on May 21/22 at St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts in T.O., and of course be one of my dancers as well...! I'll keep ya posted...and kick ass in LA!
I love the CD Spirit Voices. How can I obtain the lyrics to the songs? Thank you.
good luck in old L.A TONIGHT.....METALLICA FIRST NATION ....4 EVER....10.1% OR NOTHING...
I really enjoyed the dance piece you guys did for the NAAA 2007 in Edmonton. I was lucky enough to work there andeverytime you guys were on whether it was practicing or the actual show just touched my heart and gave me butterflies. Fara's beautiful song was pieced perfectly with your dance routine! Hope to see you guys next year in toronto! GREAT JOB! KAT
I found Spirit Voices tucked away in a discount store. I really enjoy the music. It is from the heart for all Children of the Sun around the world. I will share it with friends and family.
Tamara, Teriffic performance in a teriffic movie! Just saw Four Sheets to the Wind at the NMAI in New York City. You don't know me but I'm a writer in New York. Check out my website when you get a chance: Good luck in LA. Jim
just got out of prison ....stay cool this summer...skid
Thanks, Tamara, for a wonderful contribution to the Marilposa Festival. You were our favourite. Bill and Doris Major
I enjoyed your site Tamara, thanks for sharing. Dieter Indian in the machine
enjoy Mariposa Tamara, I'll put on your CD's and pretend I'm at Mariposa!LOL
HEY HEY HEY Your moving to L.A.???????? Why? will you come back to visit and or do a Fundraiser in the Fall 2007 or Spring/Summer of 2008? Fundraising for a Good Family in need........ Love Ya JAMES
Hi there beautiful, How are things going? Thought I'd Drop you a line to say hello. Things down here (6-Nations) are alright hope to see you again. Keep up the good work in all you do. Love your friend James
thanks tamara for putting the photo of us on and thank you so much for being my teacher = dance and i saw and read about you in a magazine you rock love MELISSA!! p.s.
Hey! When are you coming to Winnipeg, MB? Any tour dates. Hope to see you soon.
Just Asking Why You Don?t Have Pictures Of Ta Group Tat You Worked With At Frist Nations School Of Toronto ????? Signed Julianna
Hey Tamara, Thanks for inspiring me to persue my dreams in acting. havn't made it yet but I will and it will be all thanks to and your sis. You are real role modles to people like me. So Miigwetch. P.S. wish you the best of luck with your career.
Hi Tamara...remember me? we worked together at Rent!! If you do...send me an e-mail hon....hugggs Tommy
Hey Tamara, You area wonderful singer and I admire you'r dancing! I miss you and I wish to see you again. If I had a choise to visite you it would be a YES! One day if you have a concert in Toronto or neer where I live, I will ask my parents to come and see it! From: Natalie :-)
Dear Tamara, Remember me, 1 of you'r Roland & romain students? I remember you, I am one of you'r biggest fans!!!! I miss you and wish I could see you again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love: Natalie Shields :-)
Loved you girlz since DANCE ME. Soo glad to see that your career is running full throttle. Best wishes to you T in your life and career. You have a blessed gift of a beautiful voice. PEACE TC
Hi, I went to see the movie at bam june 4 and was very amazingly impressed by the movie but also by your performance and the sincerity of it, you are so talented, and doing so much that people like you are just beautiful and inspiring, will check your band playing on wednesday i am sure it will be a great surprise! keep on being you are great!! Eric/Normandy and Brooklyn
well take care in l.a.sister. nock em dead....from skid row in montreal...metallica first nation. good luck out there....
hello from skidrow....sorry for being so cant rain all the time ...peace..metallica first nation....
Hi Tamara, is that right: you are going to Minich this year? Could you please send me the dates? Perhaps there will be a possibilty to see you in munich. Good luck. Liebe gruesse, Sabine
To all my dancing girls who are waiting to see pics up on the site, please be patient - they should be up by the end of the week. XOXO
wow your website is awsome hey did you forget to put the photo onyour website
Hmm, nice site. You know the only shows Iv'e seen you is Ready or Not, The Rez, and Dance me outside. But your an excellent actress! War Party came to my school, and I asked them about you and if they met you and they were kind of disapointed that I brought that up and was more interested in finding out about you then them. But I do wish you could have come to my school instead, I love your music. Are you going to be in BC? - Angela. Courtenay, BC
a tv show and a concert & a hit film, OH MY! it's all great, have a great time in LA, but don't forget to stay in touch with us back home. xox H
Congratulations on your pilot being picked up for the Fall lineup. Fantastic news Tamara!!
nice to see a sister moving up in this world.....keep up the good work and remember that metallica rules !!!!!!peace...
congrats on your pilot being picked up,Tamara on TV oooo!
You're a beautiful young lady
hey tamara, I had a blast dancing with you and I hope i'll see you soon
hi from skidrow again sister...back in montreal for the summer...waiting for that new metallica album to hit.....peace
i was very astounded by your music in the 'Winter Moons' CD.that i bought some time ago.being of the Apache People .We too also have a unique music as of all the people do.thanks for adding a new ''spectrium'' to my listeng of the peoples music.
Hey Tamara! I just wanted to say Ahnii and i love you and your sisters! You girls are great role models for native teens! I just recvied a job with Turtle concepts, so i hope to be doing some stuff in the spot light like you gals! I think my sister and i could be the tabobondung sisters lol j.k. but that would be cool! <3 Keeta Tabobondung Wasauksing First Nation
Greetings from Wikwemikong. Met you through Audrey & Marjorie. Checking the internet for information on Peterbourgh and you showed up. My son and his girfreind are living there and they are making me a first time Grandma. Was serching some information on the place. What a small world we live in. Take care Laura
Thank you for your beautiful spirit and sharing your talents!
Hi Tamara, I heard you speak yesterday at Walpole Island. I was one of the student researchers that was with the research group. I just wanted to say that my husband and I both really enjoyed your presentation. What stuck with me was your perspective on how to ask each day what you can do to make your dream come true. I think it's easy to get lost and overwhelmed by the big picture and the big goals and lose sight of the small steps that it takes to get there. Thanks for reminding me of that and for sharing your wisdom and music! Ange
Hey you! I just saw your music video on T.V. You look amazing and what a great song! I wish you all the best and hope to see you soon!
First time here looking forward to the site
dear tamara; it was a treat to connect with you again at your recent concert. i have been enjoying listening to your new "tamara" cd; and, bruce's excellent video of "meegwetch". i first met bruce while studying film at rye high. i look forward to getting some feedback from you on my new "hunger of the heart" cd; and, my new draft of my "false face" screenplay. it would be nice to hook up for a chat. my cell phone number is (647) 830-9451. best of luck with your creative ventures. happy trails, stephen mcp
Hey there Tamara! Congratulations for your success at CAMA this year! I was hoping to meet you again (you signed my CD in T.O while you were getting your nails done:P). I was a VANNA this year for the awards for being involved in TC. All of us, here, are really proud of you and wish you the best in your future endeavours! Continue to use and share your gifts.. 'til another day :D Much luv, your fan, ~Mekwan
Hey Tamara, Great night last night. I was disappointed to have missed so much of your set. Thanks for stopping to take a look at my design. Textiles are one of my great loves. Let me know if my artistry can be of use to you. From one dancer to another... Deb G.
I live up north and recently made a trip to montreal where my van was broken into, all my cds were stolen(tamara, digging roots, eagle and hawk, U2, blue rodeo, jim cuddy...) but yours was the one I beaded to the most, gotta get another copy, inspires my beadworkwork. great stuff Marc
Just saw the show at Bar Italia. You are SO talented. Truly inspirational with honest emotions. Thank you very, very much.
Hi Tamara, I'm always amazed at everything that you have accomplished. You are a real inspiration! keep up the great work!
I will never forget the beautiful song that filled my eyes with joy and tears. You're beautiful and a really fun person to be around! Lisa Odjig
Thank you for the recent schedule of your performances. Will try to attend. With cordial regards, AW.
I am soo very proud of you Tamara! I heard you on the radio on CBC and was so impressed. You deserve the world, and it looks like you are on your way to getting it. Many hugs and hope to see you soon!
YA’AT’EEH’ I recently discovered you on the cover of "National Museum of the American Indain" magazine. After checking out your web-site it confirmed the passion i feel for your work (and you). You are truly awsome and a true steward for the Native American people. Keep the Peace, Ricky - Red Wing
Hi Tamara. Surfed in from your myspace page. We met during your Justice/Health Careers Role Model tour thru Northern Sask, in Montreal Lake. Keep up the excellent work. Larry
I loved the article and pics of you in the last NMAI. I've never seen the magazine before. Impressive. I dreamt of doing the things you do. But only a dreamt. I can't wait to see this film. Being an Aleut of Alaska, I think we need more Natives such as yourself to look up to. Let us know we can do what ever we want! I know I'm impressed. You are a true inspiration!
Miigwech - Thank you for the wonderful music! Keep up the great work.
Nya Weh "Thank You!" Tamara.... for adding me to your circle of Friends on myspace.... Happy Spring !
Hey Tamara, Missed you big time at Piper’s for CMW last night. Heard you’re stuck out at the other end of the country and couldn’t make it – all the best with the choreography there, hope it's going good. It was a great night last night despite not seeing you. The boys (Derek and Jacque) were awesome as usual. Saw an artist new to me, duCharme – also excellent and it was all topped off by Billy Joe Green, oh yeah! We were piggin’ out on the music big time. How often do you get a group like that in one night? All it was missing was your sparkle and shine. Catch you next time, babe. Oh, and major thumbs up on Sundance.
Wow. I am smitten. Gorgeous, talented and with a refined sense of social justice. Wow.
Beautiful cover on NMAI magazine. You ROCK hun!!! lol . Wish the article was longer. Congrats on the award at Sundance!!!!!!!!!!!!
Congratulations! You are the Radiant Star of Native Peoples. And, to me, a misterious gem with Saulteaux & Slavic (?) background! Shine forever!!!
Update your webpage eh. U r Beautifull and Smart. I am still waiting on you video training work out you showed me/group@ Miziwe Biik....rember when I picked up adam lol? your friend James
Sorry! jus learning how to monouver net. I am D.J. Send me som thin to play on our radio station 89.1 F.M. Muskwachees Radio,Hobbema Later Keep Being A M Mentor To All Creed.
Very useful site, nice :) I'm Bob, new here! See you soon!
Love ur music! Love ur work on Dance Me Outside too, my fave movie!!
nice lyrics
Poso Tamara! I am so happy for you and the awards,and good luck with everything else you do. I think you are an awesome artist. You should come to our school here in Wisconsin. Our students could really use a positive role model such as yourself!
Your Spirit Voices album is so beautiful. I am a massage therapist and I play it sometimes. So many people have complimented it.
Congratulations! You deserve the award for your hard work and talent. Don't forget us little people. xoxo
I'm so glad I discovered you! Keep singing! You are amazing!
And I thought you were "just" a great singer! Wow, Tamara - Mega-Congratulations on your Sundance Award!
congrats on the win and good luck in all u do...still waiting for my metallica cover from peace from skidrow in t.o..n.c.c.t
Hey Girl! Wish I could have been at Sundance to see you get your award. I had planned to be there, and it would have been great to see you. Its been a long while since we were all working ouir butts off to promote the release of JOHNNY GREYEYES, and this notice for you is long in coming. Can`t think of too many people who deserve the big break. Ryan Bruce Levey
congratulations Tamara, your win at sundance is an incredible feat! All the best, Erica (from TIFF box office 06)
Congratulations Tamara! Way to go! This is the first time I saw your web page and quite impressive! In case you forgot about me, I met you at the Indian Youth Police Academy last year and you and your sisters got to shoot the pistols at targets! You were quite a good shot! Dang girl! You are great at anything you do! Still studying Martial Arts? Well...please take care and again...CONGRATULATIONS!
Hi Tamara, Congratulation for wining the prize at the Sundance festival. hope to see you soon at Israel, all the best, Hagit (friend of Miriam)
You are a great artist and you must inspire many people with your talent!!Right on, keep up the good work!!
Wow... Congrats Buddie. I read in an e-mail that was sent to tme about your Awesome win at Sundance. Come check me out at Casino Rama on the 17th of Feb. Fashion show going on at the Grand Ball Room. All the Best in the Future my friend. "Soar with Eagles Tam." Bruno
Congratulations Tamara on your Sundance award. There's no question that I'd always watch your movies, but after reading the stellar review on your performance, I'm really looking forwarding to seeing this film!!
Wow, Tamara! A big congradulations to you for your win at Sundance!! I cant express how much you and your sisters inspire me. Thanks again for those days way back when you pushed me to come out of my shell for the show. Candy
Your music is all so awsome and your gifts inspire. May the creator bless you and your loved ones, as we, on our journey,continue"Writing the Circle".Congradulations!!
Congrats on the Sundance award Tamara! I hope to see your movie sometime soon.
Hi Tamara: I just read about your award at the Film Festival. Congratulations! You totally deserve the very best. You are truly an inspiration to us all.
Hello Darlin' - Always uplifting to keep up with all of your fabulous accomplishments. Well Done!!!! Keep me posted and looking to see you in a Womens' Course soon. We are to be back in Canada in June of this year. Stay tuned. Be well Tamara. Love and Light- Ana
You keep going Girl, Tamara your doing great and congrats on the new award. Gord Matthews/Toronto
Congratulations Tamara. The Sundance Award is a big step for you and for Canada. Blessings to you.
congratulations t.p. can't wait to see the movie!! g.hat.
Congratulations on your award at Sundance! --C. E. Whitehead
Just heard about your award in the Navajo Times! Great job. Where can we get the movie?
Congrats ... awesome job. Any natives that win anything is a good thing in my books. We need more role models like yourself in indian country.
Ho'omaka'i (Congrats) e Tamara on your Sundance win! Beautiful songwriting especially "Tikipan." It reminds me of a Maori singer Whiri Mako Black's album "Shrouded in the Mist." You are destined for even greater things. Good luck in all of future projects!
Congrats on your big win! You deserve it!
congratulations on your Sundance win. love your website!
You are so beautiful!!!Congratulations!!!!you are a voice and inspiration for everyone young artist (aboriginal or not). I myself am a black canadian girl and your music and beauty are truly a gift to me.
Congratulations Tamara!!!!! We're all proud of you.
Congrats on the honours. Nice to see your work recognized! Onward and upward!
Just wanted to congratulate you on your win and to say that your voice and band are beautiful. All the very best! Carol Crocker Brampton ON
Tamara, Congratulations on your award at Sundance!!! It was a pleasure meeting you. I am glad I did not give up my seat on theplane from Chicago to SaltLake. I am so extremely happy for you. You must be on cloud 9!!! I will definitely check out the film whenever it hits the screen or dvd. My Kid Could Paint That looks like it will be a nice commercial success for Sony Pictures. That was an exciting weekend for me. I may be coming to Toronto on February 5th and 6th. If you are going to be in town and would like to meet up let me know. Best, Anthony Brunelli
hey nice music im a artist out here in saskatchewan. check out mine if u can ever
Tamara, Have a great time in Utah at the Sundance Film Festival, and continued blessings for you and all your endeavors in 2007!
Tamara, great website. You have a beautiful voice. I really enjoyed your work on The Rez and look forward to seeing and hearing more of your work in the future. Peace.
your song are very cool
sundancer is an awesome song
Happy New years, i'm intersted in seeing that new movie of yours. By the way, is there any chance you could get the guitar chords/tablature for your song page? It'd be great if i could learn how to play them. Take'r easy
im deleting all my contacts but am saying goodbye before i go ...i hope u had a laugh or 2 at my crazy comments sister...i think u and your sisters are awesome.dont think i dislike u im just in a serius situation and need to go...i met u once in peterbourgh ontario...u really inspired me...loved the blue cowboy hat...maybe u remember..i was the tall dark handsome native who flirted with u behind the stage before u went on take care and knock em dead . it cant rain all the time...bye.redcloud
cant wait to see YOUR new movie....IT comes out just after METALLICAS NEW ALBUM...really cant wait for that....2007 is going to be a great year Tamara...even for me..your skid row fan..peace
Hey I see everything is going good with you. Glad to see that. Im looking for your album since you never gave me one on tour Looking good keep it up..
Hey YOU! Congrats on the awards!! sweet.
Hello, I heard your music on Aborigional Voices Radio in Calgary, AB and I love your music. I'm not surprised you won the awards, congrats. Your writing where I am at, what I feel. THANK YOU! Keep up the amazing work...I agree with Deborah, you encourage, give our troubles voice (a beautiful one too!) Thank you.
Do you remember a young girl in Winnipeg, Mb. That wanted your cd but had no money but give you a ring for a trade? Do you still have it, if so , email and say HI! By the way I worked with Herbie.HE knows who I am. HE great too. How can I get your last cd?
hey there Tamara i was in Yk for the Aborginal Career Fair. with the students from Deh Gah
Hey Tamara, Congrats! Well deserved. Congrats to the others as well. Not just the winners but all the artists. Native musicians are the most creative in music today and there is no more powerful voice than that of Native women. I want to encourage you and all the women I saw perform this past week. Know there is nothing to apologize for. When all these beautiful women say their songs come from places of pain it needs to be stated as a fact and said with pride and confidence, never apology. Those places of pain are places of power and you are sharing that power with us. And we are grateful. You encourage us, you grant us insight, you give our own troubles voice and the sharing makes the burden lighter. Thank you. Deb G.
Congratulations and love always.
A friendly hello from Ottawa, Congratulations on your success at the awards, your album is truly inspiring, makes me want to get up and start making some music. Best of luck at your next performance. Miigwetch
congratulations Tamara on winning these two awards!
Hey Loved your performance at the NAAF confrence in yellowknife very good and great singing
Congratulations Tamara!! 2006 'Best Female Artist' and 'Best Songwriter' at the Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards. Nice to see your wonderful talent being acknowledged and appreciated. Now the rest of the world knows what we your fans have known for so're just the best.
Hey Tamara, awesome show at Revival, I really enjoyed it as always and my friend did too. It was great to meet Andrea Menard and seeing you, her and Leela Gilday performing together. Continued success with your music and the performance coming up in Yellowknife. Miigwetch
Tamara,your performance at 11:30 pm is way past my bedtime. I'm so sorry not to be going to your show tonight. However, as I get up at 6am for work, I will be listening to your interview on cbc tomorrow!
good morning Tamara . just this skid from montreal saying hi from metallica row .. peace
hope to be in toronto this week. i hang at the n.c.c.t. stay real sister. u make our people look beautiful cause u r . later from skid row...........................
Hello from B.C. Tamara congratulations on the nominations!!!!Thats awesome i'm soo happy for you.My dad richard and the family say hello and good luck and much love..UR FABULOUS!! Say hello to aunty joanne for me please i miss her.Keep in touch girl it would be nice to hear from u soon. And i'll watch the award show.CIAO!!
yizas! just read your posting about the previous nasty comments: jealousy is such a silly thing, especially when its wrapped in cowardace. Grace On Girl!
Oh yeah for you! Love to see that your still oozing talent and extreme beauty. You Get Goin' Girl! All my respect and adoration and congrats on the music award nods. Julia Jamieson
good morning from skidrow sister redcloud just saying hi again.....
hey Tamara! hope things are great with you. just writing you to let you know I am moving out to Toronto to attend the Toronto Film School, i dont know if you remember a dou called Moody x 2? my sister and i used to sing together, but as of right now im taking a break to furthur my education in television production. just wanted to know if you had any advice about the course that im taking. well tamara i would like to wish u the best, and hope to hear from ya soon
o.k how about a slayer or nirvana cover????????? think about it lol
hello from the skid from metallica first nation peace
here i pan on this skidrow trying to hit the metallica show...hi from skidrow in montreal...redcloud from metallica first nation!!!!!!!!!
metallica cover song????????????
I absolutley love "Tamara"...the Cd and the girl. You inspire me and your friendship is a reminder that the Creator provides all that we will ever need to live the life we dream of. I am honoured to have you in my sacred circle, and so delighted to have music like yours to pull me through the tough times as well as to sing along with in celebration for the many gifts this life has to offer. Thank you for not being afraid to share your realness. xo mw
Tamara, thank you for bringing grace to the world the way you do. Such beauty, intelligence, talent, energy, and spirit. Thanks to the Great Spirit for the gift that is Tamara Podemski.
Ceshia Anaquod you are the best. Thank you for your music.
Tamara...hey how's it going...just back o here checking out your site again....I'm so happy for all your nominations....your truly an inspiration!!!! To not only Aboriginals but for all aspiring artists. Keep up the awesome work!! PS for the dude or dudette that leaves you nasty comments....Kill 'em with kindness!!! Obviously that person has a vendetta but hold your head high and keep on smiling...your the better person!!! Keep up the great work....I have such respect for all the Podemski sisters.
when will will be able to purchase the songs online .. digitaly not CD ? great music .. thank you
hey Tamara!!! i love your songs! my favorite is Thats Life all your songs are amazing. is there a way to put it onto my computer not just the clips? please get back to me. Love Bella
CONGRATULATIONS!! Fantastic news about the award nominations for 'TAMARA'. Well deserved! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed on the 24th for you. As for the person who keeps leaving the nasty messages, just consider the source. Probably some idiot with too much time on their hands. You just keep on singing and being the beautiful spirit you are.
Hello Tamara!! I will be looking forward to attending one of your concerts, coming up. I hope we get a chance to talk. Wish you all the best, you are a bona fide talent in everyone's eyes.
Hey Tamara, HAPPY B-DAY, sorry i forgot hehe lol, and as for that coward, he/she can just sit back and try as hard as they please to knock one of the best artists in all of Canada, bc Im sure it wont phase a beautiful and strong Professional like your self. Its like my grandma used to say, jealousy kills only the jealous! Rock on Girl!!!
Hey Tamara, Great show at the Horseshoe last night. I’d have been happy to see you do the whole album. When you’ve got that many great tunes on a cd what do you cut for a show? Tough choices. Really missed ‘So Damn Beautiful’ and ‘She Knows Better’. But hey, time constraints I understand all too well. And I’m just grateful to be able to bring my shakers and knockers and do my ‘thang’. What’s better than playing or dancing along live to great music? Here’s a challenge for all you would be groupies out there. Check the calendar and show your face. Believe me, it’s worth the drive (walk, bus, cab…). How many of us get the opportunity either by talent, luck or hard work to touch the lives of millions. Very few. Tamara speaks to us and for us in so many ways, she is a Star deserving of our support. So come cheer her along so she knows that despite big business and the foggy, foggy road we’re out here and we love her and support what she’s doing. Oh, and bonus – she always has cd’s to autograph for you. So come get them right from the source! Best of luck the CAMA’s! Deb G.
Guess we missed your birthday by a couple of days but like they say "Its better late then ever". Hope to see you next summer in the holy land, we'll have a great time.Kisses....
Hey Tamara! I'm a day early, but just wanted to make sure I wished you a Happy Birthday for tomorrow. Hope you have yourself a really great day!!
Hi Tamara, I realized I never signed your book, so I figured I would do so to say Congratulations on the nominations! I'm sure we won't get them televised here in the States, so you have to post & let us all know if you win. Best of luck to you, and hope to see you in NYC sometime soon! :)
# Bill Buckholtz Says: I found your site by accident and I love it! Can't wait to hear you sing and/or see you perform! Here's how I got to this site. I know you did not sing on the first Spirit Nation CD (and I will promptly go out this week and buy it), but, I've been trying to find the lyrics (and translation) to the first CD for over a year. The music was co-produced by David Evans and Jimmy Waldo. I believe the language is Lakota and I listen to this CD almost everyday. I am trying to contact the artist or writers, or someone familiar with this CD and can help me or direct me to someone who can. It would mean alot to me! Thanks. Bill
Tell your sis i love her profile. I wish i can know her. Jennifer I'm speaking of.
I run a preschool and I love to play Spirit Voices on repeat all day long. It relaxes me while I work and the kids are starting to sing along with all the songs. I wish I could get the lyrics in Saulteaux rather than translated to English.
Amazing, Awesome; I just can't put it in to words...ya just keep goin girl just remember as kye7e would say " sit & breath for 2 to 5 min." take care of yourself, your friend from Alkali Lake, B.C. P.S every one say hi! Esketemc First Nation
Amazing talent.
You Are Awesome Girl. I really Enjoyed Your Show In Collingwood Ontario This Summer Of 2006. At The Art And Craft.. You Hit Home With Some Songs. Keep Up The Good Work Tamara BigD
Thank you for the beautiful music. My grandbaby who is 5 month's old only sleeps to your song (Eternal Circle) When my husband sings it or we play it, he gets so relaxed that he falls right into a deep sleep.. So Thank You again :)
Hey there I met you before, I hope you remember yeah.. i love the music keep it going as for me im still working on my demo its a mixture of r&b, rock, and my native culture i think it will be alright.. well later tamara..x0x0x
I really love you as Carla in ready or not. You rock. Keep always up the good work even if bad people say mean things about you. not that they do but if. just don't listen at them:) Love ya =)
you are so cool
Beautiful. What more can I say about Tamara
Just listened to your song called "Meegwetch" very inspiring and just reminds me of what we have and also a good kick in the butt to put my semaa down for thanks, Chi meegwetch for the reminder Tamara :)
Hey hey, Just checking in to see when your next show in T.O. is … hope all is well with you. Jeremy
Excellent, love it!
Hey Tamara, After picking up your cd at the Glandstone I played it almost non-stop (my 6year old grandson wants me to put "ignore" on repeat,you can hear him singing along in the back of the car!) I went away for 12 days to the Maritimes where I had no access to music and was dealing with hard family issues. Your songs sustained me. Your tunes and lyrics would bubble up inside me constantly and helped carry me through especially when needed most. Thanks for putting to music the things we all live. Deb G.
There are no proper adjectives to describe your music Tamara. "Beautiful" and the uncountable refractions of it's many ideals fall shy. I am speechless, deeply touched and impressed by your fearless talent.
Destined for greatness! Sure would be glad to see one of your shows...any plans on hitting Saskatchewan? Peace...keep it up.
Hey Tamara, I was your "back-up dancer" (ha, ha, ha...)at the Gladstone the other night. I'm soooo enjoying your cd. If there's anything I can do to help promote it let me know. It's been my intention to email song requests to local Toronto radio stations asking for "Ignore". ( I could justifiably ask for any of them but we'll start with that.) Best of luck, let me know what else I might do to help promote. Deb G.
It's Lisa from the Four Sheets office :-) I listened to some of the clips of your songs (finally got some time off now that filming's over!) The songs are just beautiful! I'm glad you spent the day at the office with us and I got to know you a little--wish I had been able to spend a little more time getting to know you. You seem so sweet and very interesting, too. I can't wait to hear the rest of the podcast interview! Best wishes for your future! --Lisa
You have a Very beautiful voice and it's so nice to hear your music. I also love to write music and sing. Thank you, Star
See you on the 20th
hi tamara i see things are really going good for you i think thats great i can't wait to see your movie about oka i wasnt there because i just had my first born son that summer and my girlfriend was scared but back on my rez we were prepared to back the mohawks i'm from oneida and we are part of the six nations confederacy anyhow i just wanted to say hi and let you know i am a huge fan of you and your sisters i live here in toronto too everytime you announce a club date i have no cash but i am gonna catch one of your shows one of these days lol i promise well cya keep up the great work
Tamara Thanks so much for all your show info Wow! saw the trailer of Indian Summer the Oka Crisis..awesome can't wait to view it. Did I ever tell you I was at Queens Park all those years ago? Anyway, I will be coming to the Gladstone can't wait to see you perform:)Take Care!!!
Sounds really great, and interesting. Best wishes! --CEW
I love your album, especially Meegwetch! The lyrics are great and your voice gives me chills. I hope to see you in the San Francisco (California) Bay Area sometime soon.
I love "So Damn Beautiful" - just bought three copies...thank you!
Osiyo! A friend sent me your song Meegwetch. It is a beautiful song but has also been very helpful to me and inspiring. Meegwetch Tamara!
Hi Tamara, I received your CD from your #1 fan, your Dad. It is awesome! You are incredibly talented-I just love your style. You are destined for stardom! :) Lori
Michael, have a great Birthday today. May the Great Spirit bless you and your family today and always. I am a loyal fan of yours.
hey tamara nice site and lovely music.. i loved it, i wish someday i could see u preform someday... i was just wondering who can i get my movie noticed... im writting a movie and all my friends love the idea of it... check it out when ever u could and keep in touch i like to read what u say about it... well have a good day and keep up the good work...PCE
Hi Tamara, Just to let you know I got you mixed up with your sister, went to see the movie tonight and I was told I talked to your sister Pam, I thought it was you. OH well that was great too, Still love your music Hope to hear from you.
I just caught your interview, on AIROS..You are a delight to chat with and you have climbed the mountain of strife and victoriuosly landed, on your feet, on the other side. Keep our lives filled with your music and spirituality!!!
Hey Tamara,thanks for keeping in touch via EMAIL.It is a great opportunity to see you when you are acting or performing in Toronto.Thanks again,Gord Matthews P.Skeep up the great spirits,and work Take Care
I am Acoma/Navajo from Window Rock, Navajo Nation. I'm looking forward to hearing you and update on Native America Calling this Friday.
Hey Tamara! I just absolutely LOVE!!! your latest Cd "TAMARA." Your music is TRULY a gift that I enjoy getting everytime I listen. Your lyrics are not only inspiring but express things that I can relate to but have never heard someone else share and articulate so creatively. The music is awesome!! I was so anxiously awaiting this CD so I could have all my favorite songs that I had seen you perform live over the years and I just love the way you chose to record them. Meegwetch and NIAWEN KOWA!!! p.s. Don't EVER stop being so dam beautiful, PLEASE
I like youre songs.
Yah'ah'teeh Tamara, Just to say hey. saw ya on the net. Best of luck and keep on singing. Amo
hey i think your voice is great!
cute web site. I found the other one but your right this one is better. Good luck with the movie and if you ever need a know where to go.
Hi Tamara, I work as as the Driver Coordinator for NAAF and met you a few years ago..that song MEEGWETCH is such an inspiring song and is the best song I heard since Eagle and Hawks Sundancer...hope you come to Winnipeg soon and perform...thanks so much for that song...they played it on NCI FM here in Manitoba today.. See you soon. George Lammers
Hi and "keep it going!" You are just 'Great' ! It's a pleasure to see your energy, even more to hear you. May 5th at 11:30pm ? Very late for us. Love and BEST, Bracha and Heini
Someday I hope to meet you. I only wish I could visit Canada. I live in Texas, so that's a looong way! Good Luck!
Congratulations Tamara: I'm looking forward to getting your latest cd. Some friends and I are working on forming a Saskatchewan Aboriginal Musicians Association, and prepping for the 2007 Juno Awards in Saskatoon. Maybe you will be performing or coming to Saskatchewan to support our efforts in 07? Love you! Sincerely yours Erroll!too bad I didn't know you were in Regina in March, I know some of the youth in Washington Park-Flatz area!
great site. such exciting stuff in the works. WAY TO GO. awesome.. keep me posted. aviva
ok now i listened to it. you are awesome. so talented. and the writing is great. so glad i reconnected with you. xxxxxxxxxx markie s
you rock my world tamara. it was so great to see you briefly! you look beautiful and i'm gonna listen to your CD today :-) stay in touch! do you have an email address for robbie glean? LOVE U! markie s.
Your music is DOPE!! I really like it. I travel to it so thats pretty alright... Peace, Quese Imc
Hi Tamara, Love your music as always:) Just to let you and your readers know Karaoke Night "Nish Idol 2" Will be taking place at the Native Canadian Centre this coming Friday April 21st/06 from 7-11pm!!! Sure hope you can make it this time. Ps..Are you interested in being a judge? I hope so and I'm looking for other celebruity judges as well if you can help that would be awesome!
i love your music, you must come to chicago and perform - they wouldn't believe it! lol. Also, I bought one of your earlier cd's on one of my trips to toronto,in '01 and have been a fan since. minwa miigwetch. p.s. you must say hello to chilean film maker...jorge m. for me, if you see him. thanks again.
Tamara, Thank you for your kind words on my article and NAICA. Keep us up to date! All the best, Sylvia
Hey Tamara, Great site! It's elegant just like you. I just wanted to say that I was doing some movement work breathing through my root and thought of you. Thanks for opening me to my sensory self, it brought me on a journey within my body, then I thought of a dirty joke and it all went to hell. Hope you are well, talk to you soon. It really is a great. Later dude.
Hay whats up Tamara its Abby Lerat, you came to my school like 3 days ago and i've been thinking and i really needed a little help from you. get this i have a group well two groups for you to listen to they are really good and belive me you will not be disapointed both groups come from tha queen city born and raised straght from the hood washington park but i'm really sure that you will love there music so if you could give me a chance and email me then we can take it from there but im doing this on the down low i've told them that i've met you and you have you own record lable so could you please get back to me .i'd love you forever if you could do this for me and my family. yours truly Abby Lerat Regina,sask. P.S.i'll give u a c.d. to listen too but you must get back to me .
just in response to the comment below...rob is from my KRAV MAGA class (hence the talk about bruises)...didn't want to give people the wrong idea.
Hey Tamara, Im a huge fan of your work, and I see the passion in your performances and especially in your music!! I was just wondering, how do u get all bruised up??? I have never seen so many bruises before......HAHAHAHA Amazing site, and some really great photos!! U r a TRUE SUPERSTAR!!! And I know from personal experience that if you keep fighting nothing and NO one will stop you!!! All the best!! CIAO!!
I love all of your music, your voice is so fantastic I could listen to you siging for hours, take care and please keep the wonderful music coming.. Starke AKA Hawk
All the very best of good fortune in all of your endeavours! So many times I have wathced your work in awe. Blessings to you for taking the risk to bloom! many the gifts gentle sunshine and abundance greet you with the dawn of everyday. anne
What an inspiring artist Tamara Podemski is!!! Her CD is always in my car as I just can't get enough!!!
Tamara, Good luck at your show and I really wish I could be up there to show my support. You're awesome, your music is great, and you deserve that trip to Germany!!!
Tamara: Yours is the CD I choose after a crazy day. It truly makes me feel uplifted. Love the mix of both Hebrew and Ojibway. Thanks for giving us your music and looking forward to more!
Hi! I m sorry not to be able to go at your show on march 16th, but I wish you all the luck in the world! Thank you for your wonderfull cd, I can t stop listening to it! Good luck again for Germany!!! Helene
Wonderful, Peacful, Tranquil, and just plain "GREAT"....!!!! Thanks You for sharing your talents
Tamara, I am listening to your soundbites -- you are so talented and enjoyable. Keep up the great music. Coming to Ottawa to perform any time? Let me know. Cheers, Marilyn
From a strong Aboriginal Sista to another! Keep on rockin! Peace, Theo
Great to hear you're doing so well. With your creative ability and woman power, I know that you will go a long way. YOU GO GIRL...luv ya...Dawn
A beautiful the first song on the favorite...great vibe...she's fun to be around...and is super talented...a true one... with love, Akim
One of the most talented people I have come to know and love.....wishing you all the success in the world. Enjoy every moment. See you soon.....
Tamara, I sure hope you make it to Germeny if everthing goes well for you,and your band. I wish i could come and check the show out in Toronto,but it's easier said then done lol. So i wish you all the luck in the world. Have A Great Show Girl !!! Erika Ann Welsey xoxo
Hey there Tamara! It's so good to see how great you've been doing. I guess it's no surprise that you're keeping yourself this busy! Still have your Spirit Nation CD that I got from you at Kahnawake, my daughter loves listening to it while we're on the road. She's only 2 1/2 years and you can already see she's going to be quite the entertainer! LOL Hopefully she walks in the same positive footsteps you've walked in to get yourself where you are. It's been awhile since we've run into each other these days. But if I'm ever in the T.O. area, I'll have to give you a holla if I can get a hold of your busy self! But for now, much love and peace to you and wherever your path leads you in the future!
Tamara,your music is divine and makes me see the beauty that surrounds us! thank you for showing your gift to the world! Mihai
I enjoyed your music.. you have a really unique talent ... Cheers
Your music has been an inspiration for me to make great changes in my life. That was three months ago and I cannot thank you enough for making such beautiful music and lyrics that can move people to be able to reach for the higher things in life. I enjoyed your performance and look forward to seeing you perform live in the future. Keep on inspiring!
Hey Girl! Love your site as usual;)Thank you for the wonderful shawl donations:)Just finished reading your guestbook you sure have a great support system,which is no surprise. I revamped my site and will be opening an office soon you'll have to come visit when you have a moment...I'll let you know when;) Take care!
Hi Tamara, I really enjoyed the show on Sunday, in particular, the beautiful finale, "All My Relations". I used to view myself as Anishnabe, yet without any representation. Your inspirational good words made me realize that we are all representatives - as are all Anishnabe - for the collective reason that we are connected to the ancestors. Each day begins with more responsibility; that is to say, we are given the weighty task to remember, give thanks, and to show our thanks by preserving the ancestral teachings. We breathe in the ancestors to begin a new day, to show us the way back, so that we can go forward. Gchi-miigwetch! P.S. I love the Spirit Nation cd! David (kokoko)
Hey Tamara...just wanted to say thanks for a wonderful evening of songs and music. You are truly a gifted singer and performer as well as a beautiful spirit. You had us dancing in our seats, laughing and singing along with you. As you taught us...Meegwetch.
Hey Tamara, Your video Meegwetch is really great and the song is beautiful. I can't wait to hear more. I hope to come out and see you soon! Danielle
i go to philomene chartrand school in camperville and i am doing a biography on you there are alot of neat things about you. it will be nice for you to come here id camperville mb in our school :)
Hey Tamara, I live In Calgary and I was hoping maybe your coming out this way sometime to perform? I see a lot of your venues are in Eastern Canada, I understand that's where your homebase is but I think it would be awesome if you came out this way......your music is phenomenal and truly touches the soul. You have an amazing voice, keep up the awesome work!!!!!!
Hello I was able to go to the fashion show with Turtle Concepts and saw you preform at the show. Dave Jones always plays your CD and I just love it!!! I would love to get a copy.... Lo.Lo
Hello I don`t know if you remember who I am but maybe you remember Nicole Obadia she was a friend of your sister`s, Jennifer. I think we met once at Camp Shomria, anyways I just wanted to say hi and your music is really nice. I noticed some Hebrew as well. I currently live in Israel now, can I buy your cd here in Israel? Take care Natalie
Your concert on Friday was simply magical. Your lyrics are inspirational and your voice is so very lovely. Thank you are a gift.
What can one say about your awesome talent that hasn't been said? I came across "Spirit Voices" one day, and I continue to listen to it. (Although I don't understand the language.) After a stressful day, this CD relaxes me. Thanks for sharing such an awesome voice.
What a crazy world! I was walking home from a crazy day of assignments due, mid-term prep, and general school frenzy. Kinda' feeling low as I had just handed in an assignment I know I could have done better on with more time. I was feeling woefully inadequate. I was forgetting about how great life is. In a daze from a long day, up at 4:am, I wasn't watching where I going and almost got squished by a passing vehicle. The following vehicle stopped and let another wise ass, jay walking student cross the road. They had their window down (crazy on this freezing January day!). I nodded thanks and slowly edged my way across the road. WHAT'S THIS? I hear my beautiful girl singing " She jumps in head first, no matter what people say.. she likes to learn..she likes to learn...the hard way." Ain't it grand! Life is beautiful again. (They must have a new CD from your Ottawa performance, or AFN party)Remember, there is no coincidence in life. Thank you my girl. I love you.I love Life! Mummy
Aanii Tamara! I saw you a while back on the Aboriginal Achievement Awards; I must say, you put on a spectacular performance. I see you have been quite busy as of late: kudos and I will definitely make it out to one of your T.O. shows. P.S. I really like your site, especially the inspirational quote. Keep up the good work! In Struggle, In Solidarity, In the Spirit of Community, David
Tamara - you rock !!! wishing you all the best. the unofficial fans site in Israel... :)
Hey Tamara! Good luck with your performances this month! I wish I could get up there to catch at least one of your performances and I hope you can someday find your way back to Philadelphia!
Hi Tamara! Thanks for sending the information about your appearances. I'm looking forward to seeing you at one of your gigs at Chapters!
Hi. Sorry but it is to far for us maby 1 day i can hear you in person. give love to miriam and dady Rachel
hey tamara, i would love to go toronto to check out ur gigs but its too danm far for me rite now, why dont you come down to nova scotia somwtime to do a show, Eskasoni will be hosting a Arm of Gold festival, world music festival, we are a developing a park in eskasoni which a island for sole purpose for this concert in 2007. you should look into it. luv ya leroy
Hey Tamara keep up the good work and thanks for sending me info once in awhile. I enjoy seeing and hearing what you and your Sister and your gorgeous mother are up to. tell em I said hi.
Hey Tamara, if you have any posters advertising the shows, I would love to post them up at Grazie. Let me know.
Nothing but good comes out of following your heart's desire. Congratulations on sharing!
Tamara si one of the most influential aboriginal artists today...she's very beautiful and very talented...i met her before and she is very down to earth and that is the best thing about this unique woman...keep rocking the world with ur talent girl!!
Tamara, gotta say that your cd's are absolutely fantastic. If anyone is looking for a 'perfect song', I think they can find it in your music....Dave oh, and Patrick (see below) I hope to be in LA soon. Still waiting to test that jump shot of yours.
tamara,, goodluck with your album and your endeavors...hope you have a great and healthy year..can't wait to hear your new cd...peace and blessings to you and your family,,,,,pat
hi tamara i am so in awe of u u are so pretty in real life ,seen u at toronto pow wow u are doing really awesome for your self hope u even read this i love all your work thank you
a beautiful ebsite for a stunningly multi-talented woman! i am inspired and awed and dream of sharing a stage someday... meegwetch tamara for sharing your talent with the world with gracefull brilliance!
Your music is beautiful,soulful and very moving. You can't listen to it without being transported! Love it!
Hi Tamara, great site...great sounds. congratulations on another job well-done.
I enjoyed meeting Tamara at the San Francisco Film Festival in November 2005. I bought her CD - the one with both English and her Native language. I enjoy listening to her words and great voice. A Truly Gifted Artist. I am sure the new album will be very successful. Donna Begay, Tribal Chairwoman Tubatulabals of Kern Valley, California
I love Spirit Voices and, as a musician and vocalist, am not surprised to see how famous and loved Tamara is. Her skills are obvious in her music and arrangements. I live in AL but was born and lived 40+ years in Massachusetts. I have no Indian blood (although my oldest daughter does) but have always had an Indian, not a white, heart.
Inspiring and beautful album... looking forward to you're future work.
The site looks great. I hope that all goes well with your new album. Keep in touch. Lance
I am enjoying your CD and I think a few tracks will make it onto my radio show here at Oneida Radio 89.5 FM just outside of London, ON. Maybe it could get as popular as NDN Kar or Pappy Johns Band.
Right on woman! Great new site and I love what I've heard of the new tunes. You're beautiful.
Tamara, Courageous emotional exposure on the new album "Tamara." Much Success and Happiness. Tara Tijer Lily Co
Magiya Lach Kol Hakavod v'Hamon Hatzlachah, I have to add a little Israeli representation to your site. Seriously I know you are always faithful to your ancestors on both sides of the sea and doing awesome new stuff so rock on and I'm looking forward to getting the new CD!
Aniin Tamara! I was with my family at the Native Centre for NYE and got to see ya perform.My 2 year old was sharing the floor with you though..LOL I think he is a future entertainer too! You and your mom are lovely and you have an amazing voice and spirit! Best wishes in 2006. :)
Tamara the site is amazing. You are an inspiration, beautiful inside and out and it reflects in everything you do. Your c.d is awesome! - T
Incredible! The pix of you are stunning. Can't wait to hear the tunes. Mazel! Oy!
Tamara: It's exciting to see your new webpage and music! Wishing you happiness and success. Keep rockin' girl! All the best, Karen
how cool your site is thanks for telling me your own good friend kelly. i also wise you the best of all you have dream for this new year. my the good lord keep you for long as long as you make us happy. love you, from kelly.
Tamara we are your greatest fans. Keep on being the star you are. Love Ruchel
Girlfriend I can't get your so damn beautiful song out of my head....It's been five days now and counting...Girl you have a #1 hit on your hands I hope you and those industry peeps know that.. Peace and Love Sherryl
Hey Tamara, You're awesome! Congratulations on a wonderful website, and some great voice clips... you sound incredible! Can't wait to buy your CD. You're an inspiration to all artists!
Chi-Meegwetch for supporting and singing at The Native Centres New Years Eve Celebration! You have a beautiful voice and I wish you well in your success!
Tamara, you and your sisters always continue to amaze and inspire me. Your spirit is amazing and always comes out in everything you are involved in, and produce.
Tamara you gorgeous talented thing.. fantastic web site! I can't wait to hear more of your music, and spend some good quality time catching up over a Shagtini. Good times!
Hi Tamara...just checked out the site...AWESOME! Keep it up girl, you rock. I can't wait to hear your ever so soothing voice on the new album when I can finally get one! Peace. Chris
just wanted to say thanks for the sweet words and unbelievable support from everyone. i am a little overwhelmed. you all made my day... tamara
Great website Tamara! I'll be giving the folks on Adam's board a heads-up to come and visit. Thank you for your music and wonderful talent.
For your words of wisdom! THANK YOU! Wishing you Success, Peace and lots of Love ~jkc~
Very nice and personalized website. I had the opportunity to hear you for the first time at the American Indian Music Festival in San Francisco last were remarkable! Hope to have the chance to hear you in person again sometime.
Tamara! Love the website, very nicely done. It's great to hear your doing well-keep up the good work :)
Love your singing tamara, keep up the great work, and tell sarah I said sup, you gals are looking fine, espcially u sarah.....Keep up the awesome lyrics tpod
Great new web site! Hope we meet again - either here in Germany or in the States/Canada. I'll certainly will purchase the new CD! All the best for 2006!
Fabulous site! I hope you come to Tokyo on tour someday. Does your CD have a Japanese release date? ;-)
Have always appreciated you and your talent. Love the new web site. All the best in the New Year and best of luck with your music.
I am very happy to hear about your success. Best wishes for the New Year and continued success.
Hi tamara.It was great to recieve the email about your new site.It is very informative,also a great set up.I really enjoyed meeting you in person at the 2005 ABORIGINAL SHOW in toronto.I certianly hope to see you at your album release party in FEB.06.ALL THE BEST HAPPY NEW YEAR
Hey Tamara, great new site, glad to see it. It's always a pleasure getting to meet you and chat, you're a great down-to-earth person. I've been enjoying the new CD and DVD - Spirit that I picked up that the SkyDome. I hope I'll be able to make it to the release part, if not hope it goes well. I'm working now on some of my own new songs for an Aboriginal Arts and Entertainment night Apr. 15/06. I'll for sure keep checking this site for new things. Miigwetch
Hi Tamara, Long time no hear, glad you are still out there doing you thang, The best in the New Year 2006. Our new album will be out soon aswell. Meegwetch. Jesse Green -
Hi Tamara! This is so exciting! Congratulations on all your success, and i hope it only grows in the new year and beyond. Fantastic website. I'm waiting anxiously for your new CD. This time you don't have to worry about anybody changing the song names or album art! All the best to you, Darrell and the rest of your family. Cat.
At last! Your own home in cyberspace! Well done! Love the sound snippets!
Tamara... and Lola, Hey, gotta say that this new website really rocks. Great entertainment and information (you gotta get me that 'teeth are forever' recording). Seriously, you are an inspiration and I look forward to seeing and hearing more of your work, words and wisdom
Great website- Mazal Tov!
Luv this site, wish I could visit Canada someday. Luv ur music! Hope to purchase CD soon.
Very nice website, and your music is great!
I really enjoy your music and would like to see you live again! you have a beuatiful and soothing voice!
Great site and I love your new album. Best yet...
Congrats Tamara! Your website is beautiful. I can't wait to hear the new album! Heather
Congratulations Tamara. I love the new webstie and am looking forward to hearing more from you. Darla
Hey Tamara, Thanks a lot for letting me know your new website. It looks great and very professional! I`ll keep my fingers crossed for you and wish you a very successful 2006!!! Sing and act in beauty. Gunter
I love the album! Great work I can't wait for the next project!! Jay
You sound wicked! So would you like to be re-mixed for dance floors in March?
Thank you for including me on your mailing list. I am forwarding it to our APTN Acquisitions Officer, to our publicist, and to our news department. All the best with your new album. I listened to "Meegwetch" and found it a very interesting fusion of musical styles. Joanne
Hey girl! I was so glad to get an email from you. I've been thinking about you, wondering what you've been up to. Wow! Quite alot! Congratulations on your new CD. Can't wait to hear it. It was a true pleasure working with you in the Spirit 7th Fire show. Hope to see you soon. You go girl! Hugs, Janice
your video rocks! keep up the great work and i cant wait for the new album!!!
it certainly brightens a winter day to hear from you. keep up the good work. hope you have a great year. mike
Wow the album sounds great... and this is one of the best looking websites that I've ever seen...Keep up the good work.. Good luck, Sherryl
Great website and the album sounds fantastic! I'm looking forward to all your updates. Best of luck, Tami
Way to go Tamara! Your web site is great and I wish you much success on the launching of your new CD. I also look forward to giving it a listen. All the best and kick butt in 2006! Craig
HIYA WOMAN! Mrs. Powerhouse Extraordinaire. Love the quote that starts, "make no mistake...razor percise notes...really do intent to honour those that came before you". And I LOVE LOVE "Its Time". That is going to be some kick ass choreography!! Your beautiful, behold the rest of the world knows it too. In love and support, Julia Jamieson
Congrats on the new album and on all the success you music video and generated! Fantastic Website! All the Best!
Thank you for adding me to your mailing list. You are joy, a real treasure! Please keep me posted on all of your activities (TV appearances, latest CDs, movies, concerts). Best wishes for the New Year and more success to you! Suzanne (aka Minn)
Congrats on the album release and the great new website! You rock!
I saw you in Philly last year and loved it. I look forward to your CD. Grant
Dear Tamara, Great Page and great Songs, thanx for your mail and thanx that you make me enjoy your mailing-List! Wish you the best! Love, Greatings from Germany! Volker
I love every song!! I can't wait to buy it T. Your voice sounds amazing and the lyrics are really powerful - I especially love So Damn Beautiful! I LOVE IT! Sorry I missed you over the holidays but Happy New Year and continued success divastarlet!!! Love you, Sas
Hey Tamara, congradulations on your new cd, can't wait to hear it. Hope to make it to your release party. Take care.
WOW I really cant wait for the new cd!!!!! BEST OF LUCK.
Hey Tamara, I love your new website! and that's a great approach to a bio! Can't wait to get your newest album:^)
tamara, your album bursts with pain, hope and beauty. no matter what my day is, your songs are the perfect soundtrack. andrea
The new website is beautiful and I am looking forward to the new CD! Best of luck in your journey! Vivian
Hi Thanks for remembering me on your mailinglist. Looking forward to hearing your new album. Just read in your Bio that you went to Claude Watson, that is almost right in my neighbourhood. Im just around the corner from Earl Haig. Jack
Hi Tamara, Haven't seen you since my RENT-head days in the late-'90's, but I'm really excited for your new album, and I'm glad to hear you're doing well and still creating! Kathleen
Hi Tamara! Thought I'd answer your e-mail in the guest book. As you say, every little bit helps! We have been playing and enjoying your CD on Hawk Radio. Keep up the good work and keep us on your mailing list! Cal White Station Manager CFWP-FM Hawk 98.3FM Radio Wahta Mohawk Territory PO Box 711, Bala, ON P0C 1A0 (705) 762-1274 admin/at/wahta/dot/com
Skano Tamara Having watched you in the movies, having met you at the SkyDome Powwow (aka Rogers Dome) you seem to be such a down to earth gal, thats what makes a person more likeable, reading your guestbook and what they had to say, you have a lot of friends, :) Now i want to buy and listen to the music. Makes me feel good to have met you. nyudindon
Hi Tamara Congrats on the new CD. I can't wait to here it. It was a pleasure working with you on the Spirit Tour last summer (although too short) Hopefully we can do it again this year, In the mean, time if you need a guitarist... and when are you caming to Los Angeles? Peace, Brian
Hey what's up? Congrats on this new album. Come and check out or
Hi Tamara.. Good for you and happy New Year as well...I can't wait to hear your new album! You have my full support! Give my beat to the family xo Leah
I hope to have a chance to hear the CD as it sounds interesting. --CEW
Hi Tamara: I'm so happy for you and the new CD. I can't wait to hear it. You did wonderful work with me and Jimmy on the Spirit Nation project. I wish you the best and the biggest the world has to offer. Your friend, Steven
Wow, you're an awesome singer! I'm buying a CD for sure.
Tansi, Keep up the hard work, you and your sisters are an inspiration to us all. See you when you stop in Saskatoon.
Yisha Ko'ach (Yiddish for 'well done') on your new CD. I listened to some cuts and am amazed at your ability to produce so much, with such clarity and passion. Thanks for the inspiration. - Avrum
great site, lovely pics. Thank you, Miigwetch for including me in your mail list. Nice to see images of you in the creative process with a smile. Great look with the long curls. Personally, I am honoured to be a candidate for Native people in the next election with the First Peoples National Party. You are part of that as well through your music. Thanks for your inspiration. W.
To the most beautiful and talented native artist...the spirits definetly touched you with the gift of voice. Congrats on the new album:)Ps..great site...some of your music on the homepage would be great:)Sorry I missed you @ the New Years Bash @ the NCCT..but don't forget "Nish Idol 2" coming soon":)I will definetly being picking up your CD too:) Take care:)
Tamara, I just heard the clip on the Mix of Giving Thanks. I love the sound. I am glad it happened that way and glad that you choose to do it.
I live in Des Moines Iowa and so far I only have seen on Cd here of yours and everytime I try to get another one for a friend they are always sold out. So you may want to bring some sales here.
Hy your site is awsome and i never heard any of your songs yet tho hopefully soon! 3m3rY
Hey Tamara, Congratulations on the web site and new cd! Keep on working "it". See ya on the "road". All the best in 2006 and beyond!
I am a broadcaster on a NDN show thursdays 10-noon, KVMR Nevada City, CA. Your music gets a lot of calls and is really enjoyed by us all. Keep up the good work. I hope you tour in No. California. We would love to feature your music... Keep up the great work. ihullo, michael ben ortiz
Wonderful, can't wait for the release party so I can get a signed copy. Is the Bruce McDonald video coming out?
Congradulations! Way to go! Looking forward to hear it in the future! shirley
Can't wait to hear the new CD, Tamara. I love the other two and play them all the time. Your voice calms me right down after a long, frustrating day. Also, your site is beautiful. Keep that creativity coming!
Haven't heard the music, but will listen in time. Good luck with your music. Your passion will drive you to the clouds, and sometimes the clouds don't hold promises, but some clouds will carry your determination across the earth, and let it descend on others by raining and snowing, knowing that we need rain and snow. *********************************** looking for some comtempary Native Indie music to possibly add to my low-budget film. :)
Less Herbie Barnes photos please!! And Yay!!!! Excellent stuff. God love you and bless you through 2006. See you at your CD release if not before.
Just listened to some of the sound clips of your new CD, can't wait to buy it to hear the whole thing!!! It sounds fantastic! I loved you in spirit and have watched the DVD about 20 times now. Hope you come back to the Philadelphia area!
The site is wonderful Tamara. Congratulations. I am so proud of you and all your achievements. I'm smiling! Thank you! Can't wait to get my hands on the CD!
Great site!!! Best of luck Tamara
Hey Girl, Anyways I am very looking forward to buying your C.D. I kinda heard one of your songs and was like "WOW" she can sing,lol. May the New Year bring a lot of Happiness for both of us.Bye For Now & Take Care !!! Your's Truly,Erika
I listened to all the clips... I cant wait to see you live next time you are in NYC.
Congrats on the CD coming out...much love from C (chad) and C (Cristina) in L.A!!
Ahnee Tamara, love the site and am enjoying the soulful new album. Thanks for your generosity of spirit, bright sense of humour, positivity, and many talents. I'm always interested in your creative pursuits and look forward to hearing about your upcoming projects in 2006. Cheers!
Hello Big Wig Music Industry People Reading this Message! Let the woman sing!
I'm still loving Meegwetch. Happy New Year
Hi Tamara, I am the the person that played the food bank woman #1 in the movie Indian Summer Oka Crisis, love your songs, hope to meet you again one day, do you know if anyone took pictures from the movie, let me know if you can. Well Merry Christmas and Have a very New Year, and may the great spirit watch over you and your family.
i love you .
Tamara, Thank you for sharing your story and music at Sleeping Lady in Leavenworth, WA. Your music and spirit are beautiful. We look forward to seeing more great things from you in the future. - The Dickinsons
Just wanted to let you know that I have the CD "Spirit Voices" and I just love it. I do my best to sing along with all the songs but can't always get it. Is there any way to get the words to the songs so I can sing them too? I'm part Cherokee myself and have a good collection of Native music.
hey, I jus wanted to say ur new website is great! I like how u put alot more into it, and cant wait for the new CD, from the samples I can tell its gonna be great!
It was a pleasure meeting you and your sister Sarah Saturday night! I look forward to checking out this website. In fact, I can't wait! I must go now... ;)
congratulations on your new site!! you rock Tamara, at so many things. keep creating and performing, it's a gift to our world!
We met in SF in the reception area. I see you are coming to my part of the world, I didn't think that I impressed you that much. hahaha. I will have a gift for you when I see you in Leavenworth. Made the frame last week must have had some outside influence guiding me. Let me know what your schedule is. If you are flying into Seattle and driving over the mountains I can tell you if it is safe or you need to ride with me. I know the way. Left bread crumbs last time there. Hope to here from you soon. Roy
Wow, the new webpage is online! Just great! Keep us informed....
Hi Tamara, The new look of the website is amazing! So are the new songs (that I am listening to right now). Keep up the great work and I cannot wait for the new album!! always, SB
very cool good luck! make sure you come to my party on the 25th... Mark
WOW! a whole new talent... great site. xo
What about that infectious sense of humour you have. Two of the funniest ethnic groups, Jewish and Native, through all the persecution and injustices, developed a wicked "laugh your ass off" sense of humour. You got it!
Good job, Tamara! You are beautiful inside and out! xoxoxxoxoxo
i love this site - you rock my sister, you truly do, you continue to amaze me every day!!!!!
looks so good, tpod, im so proud of you! keep singing sista :) xoxoxoxo


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