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Oh Canada...


After a few years of back and forth across the pond, I am rooting once again Canada.  Feels good to be home. Though it has been a difficult year, the darkness is starting to lift and I am re-engaging with life and community, once again. Feels good to be writing, singing and working with youth, again.

Thank you to all to have kept us in their thoughts and prayers. You have carried us through the worst of it.


Across the pond...


I married an Englishman!!!

The Lesser Blessed Theatrical Release!!!


The Lesser Blessed opens in theatres nationwide this month. Check local listings for theatres in Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton, Winnipeg, and New Orleans and Los Angeles in the US.

Much love and gratitude to all those who went out to support this small independent Canadian film.

july update...


i've been terrible with the updates, i know. i should write more, especially because it helps me log all the special moments that sometimes fly by so quickly, i don't take enough time to savour them. last month, my EDWARD CURTIS family and i celebrated 7 jessie richardson theatre award nominations, including one for "outstanding performance by a female in a lead role" for my portrayal of tormented journalist, ANGELINE. we walked away with only 2, but it was so nice to be recognized for the heart, soul and imagination we put into that piece. you can check out the PHOTO GALLERY for pics from the show.

you can also check out the CALENDAR for upcoming concerts in los angeles and santa fe. i also have a CBC comedy special appearance coming soon, another dance piece in toronto, and some more fun stuff in the future, so i PROMISE to update the site and keep you posted.

happy summer!


6 months later...


yes, i know. i suck at this regular entry thing, but, my heart is in the right place. the good news is that i'm in creation mode. making music, writing stories, choreographing pieces, but unfortunately my creation mode keeps me somewhat hidden from the world. hence, the long absence. so, here i am re-connecting and letting you know that i have concerts coming up in new mexico and some play readings coming up in LA. check out the CALENDAR for more info. xoxo

Back in Germany


guten tag! i am so happy to be back in germany, continuing my native american workshops and sharing FOUR SHEETS TO THE WIND and DANCE ME OUTSIDE with more audiences. check the CALENDAR for venue details and program information. tchuss! tamara

long lost friend...


i feel like an apology is in order. it's been way too long. almost 9 months to be exact. so much news i don't know where to begin. all i know is that i am finally catching up. finally updating my site. finally reconnecting. i hope you enjoy all the new editions - the look, the info, the multi-media. it took a long time to put together, but i wanted to give you a more entertaining experience, rather than just a place for news updates. a big newsletter is coming out shortly. stay tuned... as always, peace & love! t

Back in LA...


After 3 months on the road, I'm finally back in LA and it feels good. Especially after catching the big storm in Southern Ontario in November. Ah, winter! Well, I can't give too many details, but I will say that I have a very exciting project in the works. A ballsy show that I created with my sister, Jen. So, I'm just writing away, saying my prayers, and imagining success for our little project! Power to you all, wherever you are... T



I don't read reviews, but someone told me that the show had received some nice words.

Body Alive Dance Studio...


So happy to return to Toronto and be able to resume my dance classes and reunite with all my dancers (who have been dancing, non-stop since I left, right?) We have a great new studio this season at Dancemakers Centre for Creation. So come out, dare your body, challenge your mind, lift your spirit and DANCE with us! Visit the website for more details: Or, join the group on FACEBOOK by searching for BODY ALIVE DANCE STUDIO. Hope to see you on the dance floor! T

Music Festival Time...

After a long, weird pilot season in LA, I am ready to return to the stage (and Canada) to sing my heart out. Check out the CALENDAR for Ottawa and Yellowknife concert dates. I'll be singing with a new bandmate, Jason Paige, who is lighting up my music with his crazy vocal tricks and beautiful energy. Hope you enjoy the new sound... T

New Amsterdam

I'm only in the first episode, so if you want to see me playing a Lene Lenape Medicine Woman in this new cop drama series, check out Global TV at 8pmET or FOX TV at 9pmET. Enjoy!

Butterfly mania...


I'm days away from the Spirit Awards here in Los Angeles. After what seemed to be the worst possible time to come here (due to the writer's strike), I am confident that I made a good choice. Nominations are really reassuring that way, I guess. Even with the hecticness of it all, I am enjoying the butterflies in my stomach every day. So grateful... Here are some good links to check out about the awards: xo

Toronto Dance Class


I'll be teaching ONE CLASS ONLY during this holiday season. Sunday, December 23rd, 1-3pm 585 Yonge St, 2nd Floor (N of Wellesley, E side of Yonge) $15/class

Spirit Award Nomination...

I know there's other stuff going on in my life, but I"m still reeling from my Independent Spirit Award Nomination. Check out the website for more info:

First time in Denver...

Although I've been in Denver airport about a hundred times, this was my first time in the actual city and what a time to do it - during the National Congress of American Indian Conference. I just wanted to send a big thank you to Native Voice Film Fest for bringing me out there and an even bigger thank you to my new audience who showed their support through CD sales. Always a nice way to show love...Meegwetch!


On my way to San Fran (secretly, one of my favorite i say that about every city?). Anyway, I love this film fest - the AMERICAN INDIAN FILM FESTIVAL. I have been coming here for years and I always have a great time. Hope you can partake in the festivities, if you're in the Bay area. xo

Winnipeg bound...

Too many sunny LA days have made me yearn for the cold wind of Canada. Luckily, I will get my relief this week when Karen and I perform a series of 3 concerts in Winnipeg. Check out the Manito Ahbee Music Fest So many amazing artists, activities, celebrations. Hope to see you there! xo

Toronto Rocks!

So great to go back to TO and show my director, Sterlin Harjo, why our city rocks. 815 people packing into a sold-out Bloor Cinema on opening night of imagineNATIVE!!! holy!!! winning BEST FEATURE FILM didn't hurt either. so nice to feel that kind of love. that goes down as my best festival, yet. i know...i'm biased, but i don't care. that was wicked, toronto. thanks! xo

Santa Fe, I thank you

I failed to write about my Santa Fe trip (which someone reminded me about in the guestbook), so I thought it best to pay tribute to Santa Fe as I traveled for my second time to the Southwest. I think it was due to the amazing response I received at Native Rhythm & Roots Festival in Santa Fe that I sparked the interest of the Heard Museum folk. If it hadn't been for the greatest audience ever (especially the show at the Amphitheatre), and the eager buyers who made me sell out of my CDS, I don't think I would've snagged that next gig in Phoenix. So...Santa Fe, I thank you! And thanks to the Heard Museum Folk (Wendy, in particular) for noticing. As I leave the cactai behind and return to Toronto for the imagineNATIVE Film Fest, I cross my fingers and hope that someone else noticed and will want to bring me back to this beautiful desert. xo

LA and Toronto Premieres of FOUR SHEETS


Finally, my two favourite cities will finally get a chance to see my film. Check out the CALENDAR for more info. There are still about 3 months left of touring with the film and then it will be released on DVD in December so the rest of the world can experience the magic...haha! Aside from the triple-digit weather we just had here in LA, I'm still loving my time here. Hope you're enjoying your summer! Tamara

Aloha and Mahalo...

Words cannot describe the beauty and love and generosity that I just experienced at the Hawai'inuiakea Film Festival in Honolulu. A baby festival, only in its 3rd year, but I hope to be a part of many more festivals to come. Or, I may just have to move Thanks to all who supported the films and the music. xo

Mariposa Rocks!!!

I'm happy to report that my band and I made a great impression at Mariposa and I managed to snag the front page photo of the "Orillia Packet & Times" from our Mainstage performance on Friday night. I also managed to mark a first for a debut artist, by breaking into the top 3 sellers for album sales that weekend. Thanks to all who came out for our very early concerts and who showed their love through CD sales. Your support is much appreciated! Hope to do it again, next summer!

Mariposa Fun!!!


Hope to see some familiar faces this weekend at Mariposa! It's my last concert in Canada for a while, so I'm gonna be singing my heart out! Have a wonderful weekend wherever you are... Peace & Love, Tamara

Lots of stuff for July...

After a month abroad from New York to Israel to Munich, I am finally returning home for my last concerts in Canada (for a while) at the Mariposa Folk Festival. Check out CALENDAR for dates/times. Also, pick up a copy of Toronto Life's "Ultimate Guide to Summer Fun" for a very candid interview with my sister, Jen, and me. More pics from Munich Film Festival to come...

s'all good...very good

The FOX pilot I shot, NEW AMSTERDAM, got picked up and is part of the fall network line-up. Yay! I'll send details later about broadcast dates and times. Also, FOUR SHEETS TO THE WIND was accepted into the Munich Film Fest, where director, Sterlin Harjo, and myself will be in attendence. AND...I have my first NY concert in 2 weeks, so check out the calendar for details and come see my new NY band!!!

Going down under...

I am so excited to bring my film, FOUR SHEETS TO THE WIND, to the Sydney Opera House for its Australian premiere next Saturday, as part of "Message Sticks Indigenous Arts Festival." Check it out at

LA Weekly Article

If you can pick up the paper, great! Otherwise, check out this very insightful article online at:

Chag Sameach!!!

Happy Passover! My mouth is already watering. Only 4 more hours to go...

My first pilot and Rolling Stone Review!!!

I booked my first American television pilot for Fox Television, which I just finished shooting in New York, and I'm still buzzing from it. It's called "New Amsterdam" and this one-hour crime-drama is directed by the famous Lasse Hallstrom. It was an amazing experience, but unfortunately I didn't take any bad. It'll only air if the series get picked up, so all I can do is cross my fingers. Also, make sure to check out the calendar for some great upcoming gigs and also check out the Press page for the latest word about "Four Sheets to the Wind" reviews.

Sundance Glory!!!

I am happy to report that my film, FOUR SHEETS TO THE WIND, was a great success at Sundance. We had awesome reviews, an amazing audience response, and we made it into the prestigious competition. The craziest part of all was that I won the Special Jury Prize for Acting "for a fully realized physical and emotional turn" for my role as Miri. In the past 20 years, only about 12 acting awards have been given out (sporadically, at that). From what I've been told, I am the first Canadian actress to win an acting prize at Sundance, as well as the first Native actor to receive that honour. I'm still's been a very overwhelming week. Will have to report back, later. xoxo

Chanuka Time...

Stuffing my face like a little piggy, and loving all this time with family and friends. Just did an interview with the National Post, so you can check out the Toronto magazine insert in the National Post on December 30 for a special feature.

Holy Fricken Cold!!!

Just chillin' here in Yellowknife at the Explorer Hotel after the most amazing youth conference and concert at Blueprint for the Future! Here with the lovely Karen Kosowski (she says "hi guys!!!") and we're celebrating our 2 wins for my album, TAMARA. We're happy girls. Make sure to check out her next show Dec 2 at Central in Toronto. Check out her site on my LINKS page for more info.

Yellowknife, here I come...

So, no Pow Wow festivities for me, as I am off to Yellowknife, NWT!!! I'm doing a small concert up there for a group of Native Youth and teaching a hand drum workshop for the aspiring singer/songwriters of the bunch, as part of "Blueprint for the Future." I'm sorry to miss the Music Awards, but so excited to see the North...

Saturday action

Big karoake fundraiser this Saturday in Toronto. Always a blast! (see CALENDAR) Two great dance workshops this Saturday at Flirty Girl Fitness (see LINKS and click on Body Alive Site)


Check out the calendar link to find out about shows in Toronto this Saturday.

Music Award Nominations!!!

My album "Tamara" was nominated for 4 Aboriginal Music Awards: Best Female Artist, Best Songwriter, Best Song/Single (Meegwetch), Best Music Video. So happy, so exiting, so nice for the album to be recognized...ahhh! feels good!!!

More CDs Available!!!

CD Baby is re-stocked with lots more Tamara CDs, so you can visit the "SHOP" link and buy your CD online.


oh my god, you guys bought me out of stock on CD BABY. thank you, thank you, thank you! i just sent them another shipment, so more sales will be availalbe next week. much love, tamara

Buy Now at CD Baby!

My CD Baby page is up and running. Yay!

Comments, anyone?

Everyday I'm adding, editing and re-arranging the site. I would love to hear if there's stuff I overlooked, if there's stuff you want to see or know, or how I can make this site a better browsing experience for you. Please e-mail me with comments (go to the contact page) cause I think I'm going in circles at this point. Also, the cdbaby website hasn't downloaded all of my stuff, yet, so sales are not possible for another week. I'll keep you posted. Thanks, Tamara


I know I keep saying "I'm working on the website," and I promise I am, but it seems to be taking second priority to gigs and releasing my new album...oh, yeah and training my new puppy, Lola. So, again, I thank you for your patience. More songs, lyrics, photos and website goodies to come. xoxo Tamara


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