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july update...

i've been terrible with the updates, i know. i should write more, especially because it helps me log all the special moments that sometimes fly by so quickly, i don't take enough time to savour them. last month, my EDWARD CURTIS family and i celebrated 7 jessie richardson theatre award nominations, including one for "outstanding performance by a female in a lead role" for my portrayal of tormented journalist, ANGELINE. we walked away with only 2, but it was so nice to be recognized for the heart, soul and imagination we put into that piece. you can check out the PHOTO GALLERY for pics from the show.

you can also check out the CALENDAR for upcoming concerts in los angeles and santa fe. i also have a CBC comedy special appearance coming soon, another dance piece in toronto, and some more fun stuff in the future, so i PROMISE to update the site and keep you posted.

happy summer!



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