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Santa Fe, I thank you

I failed to write about my Santa Fe trip (which someone reminded me about in the guestbook), so I thought it best to pay tribute to Santa Fe as I traveled for my second time to the Southwest. I think it was due to the amazing response I received at Native Rhythm & Roots Festival in Santa Fe that I sparked the interest of the Heard Museum folk. If it hadn't been for the greatest audience ever (especially the show at the Amphitheatre), and the eager buyers who made me sell out of my CDS, I don't think I would've snagged that next gig in Phoenix. So...Santa Fe, I thank you! And thanks to the Heard Museum Folk (Wendy, in particular) for noticing. As I leave the cactai behind and return to Toronto for the imagineNATIVE Film Fest, I cross my fingers and hope that someone else noticed and will want to bring me back to this beautiful desert. xo


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